Islabike launch big bikes for big kids

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As four-fifths of the editorial team are away at Eurobike this week, we’re taking the opportunity to have a good clear out and tidy up in the office. Here’s a news story which fell down the back of the digital sofa but which we still think you might be interested in; we certainly were, not least because with its entry into the adult bike market, Islabikes has skipped ‘normal’ 26in wheels to go straight to full-size, ‘come the revolution’ 29in…  Keep your eyes open for an interview with founder Isla Rowntree in an upcoming issue, too.

Islabikes branches out into adult bikes

The Beinn 29. Like a Beinn, only bigger.

Shropshire-based children’s bike specialists ‘Islabikes’ have launched the intriguingly named ‘Beinn 29’, a lightweight adult bicycle for mums and dads out there keen to join in the fun as their children become more adventurous on their Islabikes.

The Beinn 29 is also the perfect bike to introduce partners and friends into cycling as well as being persuasive enough to rekindle a love of cycling in those wanting to return to a more comfortable style of riding. With so many types of adult bike on the market, it is perhaps with some relief that parents can trust Islabikes to design a bike which caters for so many different interests and uses.

The Beinn 29 combines the ‘ease of control’ offered by a flat handlebar with the ‘faster rolling’ larger wheel size. Add to that ‘user-friendly’ gearing and the element of versatility that Islabikes incorporate so smartly into its children’s range and you have a bike that can be adapted for commuting, cycling holidays, weekend rides with the kids as well as cutting the mustard on rough stuff.

“I’m really pleased with the Beinn 29. We have lots of parents who have been inspired to get back into cycling by their children and feel baffled by the choice out there when all they want is a well designed bike just like their child’s Islabike!“ comments Isla Rowntree, Islabikes designer and company owner.

Isla Rowntree has exceptional knowledge of bicycle design and engineering having served her time in the industry as a frame builder and manufacturing manager as well as in the saddle, where she continues to add to a significant collection of national and international cycling titles.

The Beinn 29 will be available in three sizes retailing at £399.99. The new model will be on show along with their full range of lightweight children’s bikes at the Islabikes showroom in Bromfield, Shropshire. The bikes range from a balance bike perfect for a child’s second birthday to a racing bike for the aspiring Olympian. Each bike is exceptionally well designed with attention to detail and quality whilst maintaining affordability and durability.


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    Personally I wouldn’t want the same bike as my 11 year old daughter!

    Beinn 29 looks like a well thought out bike. Well done.

    We’ve just got Islabike #3, my little tribe dont know how lucky they are……

    My eldest has an islabike and then the brake cable noodles rusted before those on a pair of £70 Halfords bikes bought at the same time I was rather surprised.
    When I spoke to Islabikes about this they were very dismissive – this surprised me more.
    Although I like our present Islabike I am now building my eldest a SS Pompetamine which will be lighter and better specced for the same price.

    “Keep your eyes open for an interview with founder Isla Rowntree in an upcoming issue, too.”

    A retro photo from her racing days would be nice 😉

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