Easton’s Record-Breaking 26in and 29er XC Wheels

April 14, 2011

Climbing might just become fun again. Assuming you can afford them.

Wheels to make you go ‘zoom!’ – Easton’s new EC90-XC carbon wheels are super tough (we’ve seen them being tested) and weigh very, very little, and yet they’re fully UST approved and have a decent 19 (inside)/24.7mm (outside) width.

There will be a 26in and a 29in version. All hubs come with endcaps to run QR or 15mm at the front and QR or Maxle at the rear. They are hand built using regular straight pull spokes (20 spokes on the 26in, 24 on the 29er) and are completely rebuildable and serviceable. A super-clicky hub gives you a 12° engagement.

And how much do they weigh? A truly featherweight 1285g a pair for the 26in and 1416g for the 29er wheels. They should be out in a month or so and they’re going to set you back a fair amount of cash (US price is $2500 a pair) – but if you absolutely need the best…

We’ve just come back from a 25 mile ride on them and the wheels are really noticeable by their lack of weight. Expect to see many of these at a start line near you – but also just for general trail riding. Having light wheels is fun!

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