Midweek Mini Movies! 1/11

January 5, 2011

First up – what kind of back yard would you have if you were a world-class freerider? Let’s look at Paul Basagoitia’s place. Great riding and some incredible ‘Canon 7D on a model helicopter’ aerial shots too.

PB’s Backyard from Trent Palmer on Vimeo.

And now… Remember dusty trails? Some super-saturated shots from some anonymous dirt jumps somewhere…

Anonymous Riders Session from Troy Walker on Vimeo.

Thought you were hardcore for going riding in our recent snow? How about Mike Curiak riding the whole Iditarod course unsupported

IditaTour: Part one. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

Here’s his blog: http://lacemine29.blogspot.com/2010/12/iditatour-part-one.html

And did anyone come a cropper on the ice this winter? It could have been worse…

And now on bikes? (Thanks to road.cc)

And finally… just before you go out and spend £5K on model helicopters and digital cameras… make sure you can afford a spare…

Bad landing with one of the aerial rigs from Trent Palmer on Vimeo.

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