Fresh Goods Friday: NukeProof, Trek, Syncros, Race Face…

October 1, 2010

Welcome to this week’s Fresh Goods, where we’ve got a rather nice exclusive – yup, the first Nuke Proof Mega in the country. It’s one of the most eagerly anticipated bikes for a long time with the promise of mountain bashing performance at a non wallet bashing price. This one isn’t quite the final production item but designer Brant Richards says the geometry is there and there are just be some cosmetic and weight losing tweaks for the final bikes. Magic numbers are 150mm of rear wheel travel, 66 degree head angle and it’s a single pivot with linkage driven rear shock. The main pivot is designed to be neutral under pedalling using a 36T chainring but our bike is built up as a more all mountain affair with a 34T single ring (you can run a double and bash though) and 170mm Rock Shox Lyrik Solo Air forks. It looks rather good in the flesh too, with some great detailing and nice graphics. We’ll be giving it a thorough spanking and you can read all about it in Issue 61…

Price: TBC

From: Hotlines

BB and pivot mount are machined from one piece…

Machined swing link that controls the shock rate for initial plushness firming up at the end of the stroke…

44mm ID headset means more headset and fork options than you can shake a fallen tree at – 1.5″, tapered, 1.125″ internal…

Neat little brace..

Swoopy toptube with solid pivot mount..

Here’s a Supernova Airstream light. Lots of cooling fins, a neat O-ring bar (or stem) mount and 340 Lumens output.

Price: TBC

From: Supernova

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to change your bar width without having to hacksaw them down? The new ODI Flight Control handlebars allow you to do just that with their threaded WingTips inserts that screw into the end of the bar. As standard the bars measure a not inconsiderable 750mm or a slightly slimmer 700mm with 25mm rise and the 7075 T6 bars are available in a range of colours including black, chrome black, red, blue or a pimping gold as below. The Wingtip extensions are available in 13mm or 18mm lengths but you can only use one set at a time, just in case you were wondering…


Flight Control Bars: £69.99

Wingtip extensions: £11.99

From: Ison Distribution

Here’s an MRP G2 SL chain device which is a lightened version of the old G2 device. It uses a similar skid plate design with cogged lower roller and top retention guide mounted to a machined aluminium backplate but everything has been slimmed down to lose weight and offer great clearance. You can get them in BB mount, ISCG or ISCG05 flavours and your choice of  a black or white finish.

Price: £115

From: Ison Distribution

We like to keep an open mind at Singletrack Towers. Instead of simply yelling “bullsh*t” and spending the next few hours rolling around on the floor laughing, we decided to seriously test the EFX Silicone Sport Wristband. The words it came with claim that the magic special algorithms and frequencies contained within the holograms embedded in the band help tune and bring harmony to your body’s natural frequencies and therefore give increased strength, balance and faster recovery time. Of course there’s no real evidence for any of this, but it is scientific fact, to quote Brass Eye. Anyway, Ed reported that his beard felt that it had unleashed it’s full potential when he was wearing it, which is good enough for us, never mind that randomised double blind testing so called scientists rely on.

Price: £29.99

From: EFX

Chipps managed to bring back this rather nice Syncros FRIC stem from Interbike – see the rest of the coverage HERE. It’s got a knee friendly wraparound design and very trick inside out/upside down design for the clamp at the front. With 45mm or 60mm lengths available, white or black colours and made for freeriding action from cold forged alloy it should be tough enough to handle whatever we can throw at it. Also, at 126g it also weighs less than a cheese and onion pasty at 140g. No need to lay off the pies then..

Price: TBC

From: Jungle Products

Here’s the stem on the scales…

…vs. Jon’s lunch..

The Silverfish travelling roadshow came up and visited Lee Quarry and Sim managed to get his hands on these Race Face Atlas AM low riser bars and Atlas stem. The bars are 725mm wide with 19mm rise and come in a range of colours to keep everyone happy, including an rather nice shade of orange. The stem is their classic four bolt clamp design, coming in 50 to 110mm lengths for the all mountain-ists out there.


Atlas AM low riser bars: £64.99

Atlas stem: £79.95

From: Silverfish

Are you ready to vomit up with the sheer cuteness of it all? Here’s Remus the collie puppy, who’s current on holiday with Jenny. Awwwwwwwhhhh!

Price: N/A

From: Bigger lady collie tummies

We’re going 2011 bike crazy next issue – here’s the brand spanker Trek Fuel EX 9.9.

Trek Fuel EX 9.9

Price: A cool six grand


Seemingly unchanged, there are many important differences on the new OCLV mountain bikes.

The new OCLV bikes use something called ‘OCLV mountain’ – the benefits of which can be seen in the nifty video on this page. Click on ‘structure’ to see how the new carbon resists knocks and rock strikes. In addition to that, there’s now a protective layer of ‘Carbon Armour’ to protect it further.

XX as standard for this kind of cash.

ABP Convert rear end comes with hardware for either a 135mm QR, or a new 142.12 Maxle Light

Chunky headtube and a tapered Fox fork.

Mark has got his hands on this set of new Giro Gauge shoes. We brought you and exclusive first look at them a while ago but now they’ve finally landed and we’re getting to see what Giro are bringing to the crowded room of biking shoes. For a start the sole is Easton EC70 carbon composite with space for spikes on the toe and the ratchet closure should give a good fit. You can even tune the fit with the three included sizes of arch shims to compensate for any leg/knee weirdness you might suffer from…

Price: £169.99

From: Madison

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