Issue 60 – Extra Features

September 10, 2010

Issue 60 is now on sale in lots of places but if you are Premier Subscriber then you can access all the extra features that we’ve stuffed into the digital versions right here.

Bike Test – British Steel

Three bikes get the Singletrack treatment this issue and here are the video clips to view here or download in m4v format.

Charge Duster

Click here to download

Cotic Soul

Click here to download

Whyte 19

Click here to download

Route Guide

This issue’s route guide features three great routes around Ludlow.

Download the maps here in PDF format for you to take with you.

Ludlow Play Area

Ludlow Easy Route

Ludlow Medium Route

Trackloggers can download our route files here…

Tracklogs Play Area

Tracklogs Easy Route

Tracklogs Medium Route

Four Wheels Better Than None

Benji rides with a club for disabled riders and gets whooped and impressed at the same time.

Click here to download

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