Eurobike Video: Pivot, Transition and Yeti

September 3, 2010

Matt’s been out and about in the halls of Eurobike and this time he’s been to see Pivot Cycles. They’ve just got a new UK distributor in the form of Upgrade Bikes and they’ve got some interesting looking trail and all mountain bikes using the DW Link suspension system. Matt uses his magic inclinometer eyes once again then it’s off to see what Transition Bikes have got for 2011. There’s a new flippable and whippable TR250 that’s a bit smaller than the full on DH TR450 as well as some other rather nice looking burly bikes. It’s then to Yeti to see what’s changed for 2011 with the revised 575. For the proper Yetifans there are special edition models of the 575 and 303 that will reassure you with their expensiveness too..

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