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One less Warhead in there.

Progressive Bikes press release – July 2010

New Brodie Ti Holeshot frame

Even though you may not have heard much about Brodie in the UK, they were one of the first companies to pioneer the long travel hard tail. With Vancouver their playground they had the opportunity to hone their bikes for some of the toughest trails in the world, producing some of the most forward thinking hard tail designs that have spawned many classic bikes over the years. The long sloping top tube and slack HA were what made the Brodie frames so good in tough and technical terrain and are now pretty much standard on long travel hard tail frames.

Ti- Holeshot - this bike will make waves.

In 2007 Brodie Bikes introduced their first titanium bike, the cross country (XC) Cruzado.  With an oversized 3/2.5 down tube,
100mm travel fork and hydraulic disc brakes, it was a bike we all instantly fell in love with.

Titanium is the perfect material for a hardtail mountain bike: it’s light, strong and has a supple ride quality that is perfect for rugged conditions on a hardtail.  Titanium will never corrode and is tougher than any steel, aluminium or carbon fibre bicycle; it’s a bike that will last a lifetime.  With all the success we’ve had with it, we’ll now have three more additional frames/bikes offered in Ti!
The new Holeshot (long travel hardtail) has been tested, perfected and will be available in late August.  This new Holeshot will be every bit as revolutionary as the original long travel hard tail Holeshot we brought to you in 1999.  Designed for a 140-160mm travel fork, it sits with a 67.5° HT at 140mm and will utilize similar geometry as our current Hardass Series.  It’ll give you a low stand over for clearance and a long top tube (for use with short stems) for aggressive trail riding or long epic journeys on any kind of terrain.  Currently the Brodie Bikes demo Titanium Holeshot comes in under 25 lbs with a mid-weight wheel and tire combo.
Although Titanium frames are expensive, they aren’t much more than some current steel frames out there and will last a lifetime; something that can’t be said of a lightweight carbon fibre frame.  All Ti frames will be offered with a subtle laser-etched branding, along with 3 separate decal options for the top tube model name (in three colours).
The Ti Holeshot will retail at £1099 for the frame only, but you will need to be quick as numbers are very limited!
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Comments (11)

    There’s a lot to like there. I prefer the stay/toptube alignment of the top photo though – a little odd in the bottom photo. Is that a size thing? or a prototype thing?

    reckon the bike picture is a medium and the frame picture is the XL

    That’s one ugly HT, I wouldn’t buy it for £200 let alone the asking price.

    says the man who bought a viper 29er HT….

    i think it looks cool. Was expecting a 4x frame though from the name…

    The top photo is the actual finished frame.

    Top one is also the large frame 🙂

    Can take 160mm forks but no ISCG tabs… doh!

    Just bought one and had it built up. First ride last night ….. nice. Really, really nice.

    Si at Progressive Bikes is a top bloke. Purchase with confidence.

    aldenm: Any photos of your new ride?! I live in Vancouver, Canada and know a guy at Brodie who’d probably love to see how you guys over there are building them up!

    Photos sent to your email address. Cheers.


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