IceBike Summer.

by Matt Letch 16

Yesterday was a quick hack down to sunny (it was actually) Milton Keynes to see some of what’s hot from distributors Madison for 2011.


The Abyss comes with next years must have – a tapered head tube!  All aluminium ‘hardcore’ bikes will be sporting bolt-thru forks.

The Core is the top end aluminum hardtail in the Genesis range and comes with full 10spd drivetrain for under a grand. (All prices in this article are best guess-timates!)

The Altitude is now called Latitude due to certain copyright issues, otherwise it’s still the steel goody from last year.

What else can you get for a ‘bag of sand’?

An Alfine equipped day one.  The Bike To Work scheme bike?

Tidy and low maintenance.

Versa shifters. Nice.

Flyer limited. Just 100 of these are being made.


No major changes for the Supreme DH except for internally relieved tubing rather than the external gussets of last year’s models.

Commençal Supreme 8 – this apparently is the same frame as Gee has been running set-up in a singlecrown styley and a bit shorter than the Supreme DH with less adjustablity, just get on it and ride it, a singlecrown privateer downhill bike?

Supreme 24  for kids and dwarves! Looks ace and we wanted one even though it would be useless for us.

Max Max aluminium – super competitive pricing promised on this.

Commencal Cromo 1+2  proper no compromise jump bikes, BMX saddles, stem, grips and teeny rear sprockets.

Looking a lot like other slopestyle bikes at the moment the Absolut SX. This year you can run gears as well as singlespeed with its interchangable dropouts.

For the be-a-Mexican types (say it out loud) Commençal are doing 20″ beauties as well.

Tongues away! Commencal Ramone in cromo! Triple-butted  frame with removable cable guides and interchangeable dropouts means all possible gear/gearless axle widths are covered.

Chrome Spank rims.

Albert From Madison reckons the graphics remind him of Baywatch… and who are we to argue.

Commencal 4.4 Factory. These are the complete bikes but like last year the factory kit comes with rear shock, forks, bars, stem and seatpost.

Can you guess what brand the wheels are?

The 5.5 is another one of my possible TransProvence bikes. This year the frames are coming without paint just the unidirectional lacquer, which, apart from giving it an ace matt finish also saves about 100g. This prototype had internal cable routing for height adjustable seatposts and for the rear mech, it may or may not make it into production.

Poor Mike Rose has been usurped as his job as editor of Dirt by this little upstart. (Not really but well done Alistair Todd for blagging the work experience job)

Dirt’s new work experience boy Mike Rose.


Interchangeable bike for paramedics…

…or rozzers.

No major changes for the Ariel next year.

Zen gets shorter chainstays, longer top tube, more standover , slacker headangle and the Future Of Headtubes©.

Myst is very, very, nearly ready for production, should be about £2300 when it appears.

Giro And Bell

Colour coordintation is easy-peasy this year (even if the gloves don’t fit in a OJ Simpson styley).

New Bell Sanction full facer, also comes in ‘ram raid’ matte black.

New Remedy glove. Giro are now using Poron XRD instead of D3o as they claim it’s more shock-absorbing and supple.

[stvideo src=”2010/07/”]


Giro Surface for the commuter market, should work off-road as well, a piss pot with an adjustable retention system.

NEW! Giro Xar. Like a Xen plus with more vents, lighter and the new Roc-Loc 5 which is 40% smaller than the old Roc-Loc which should make for a more comfy fit, plus, for the sweaty beasts out there, the inner pads now come with silver thread in them for less stink.

Giro have you feet covered in all weather and at whatever height sock fashion is at that day.

I like the white ones.

More soon.

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  1. when does the new giro xar come on sale?

  2. Xar! That is a nice helmet!

  3. Woah! Don’t want to get in a fight with Basher Bert! Proper one inch punch.

  4. Xar in matt black please.

  5. I Can’t wait to Berts massive hand after showing that to loads of Journalists for three days ;p

  6. Genesis Abyss – looks like it’ll be an ace bike that.

    Commencal Supreme 8 – looks ideal UK ripper.. great paintjob too.

    Saracen Ariel – if it’s the same as this year’s it will be brilliant. I’m lovin’ the one I’m playing with still.

    Saracen Zen – looks interesting.. is that the finished er.. finish?

  7. Alistair Todd for President! 🙂

  8. Saracen – How good is it to see them back and “real”?

    Kili Flyers, eh? Bula hats for slalom markers, isn’t it? Wasn’t it?

  9. Hopefully the Xar gets through Australias stupid design regs, unlike the Xen & Hex.

  10. shame we cant show the ‘new’ stuff from giro. very nice though, if a little on the steep side of things. oh and genesis have something very nice in the pipeline. all blue and shiny.

  11. That Core 50 seems amazing value for a grand. I’d have priced it nearer £1400.

  12. You’d have priced it right Sorry folks!!

  13. The ‘new’ Giro stuff is very, very nice indeed. Stay tuned for a big Eurobike launch at the start of September.

  14. Them Easton wheels look great, when will they be gracing our shores and shops? cant find any info on the EA90 mtb wheels?

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