Canfield Back In The UK

July 30, 2010

We’ve just got this press release from Simon at Progressive Bikes…

“Progressive bikes adds Canfield Brothers to its product line up!

“We are pleased to announce that Progressive Bikes are now the new UK distributor for Canfield brothers range of frames and components!

“Canfield Brothers Bikes is just that. Two brothers from the USA, Chris and Lance, building some of the best All Mountain/Freeride and Downhill bikes in the world. Not only do they design and oversee production of each frame, but they ride and compete on the bikes too. Because they are competing on their own bikes, they demand the best performance available from the frames. Canfield have spent the last 10 years designing, developing and prototyping the unique suspension systems culminating in the ‘Jedi’ DH/FR frame and the unique ‘The One’ AM/FR frame.”

Canfield Bikes frame line up…

Canfield Jedi

Light Sabre Holder Available Separately

Feel The Force

Canfield ‘The One’

Neo's Bike?

Crampon pedals

The Size 0 Of The Pedal World

As Grippy As A Thistle Stuck In A Spaniels Ear

With the new Crampon Pedals from Canfield Brothers, you effectively lower your bottom bracket by 8mm/.25″ while raising your pedal clearance by the same. This one-of-a-kind pedal also allows for more efficient pedaling by allowing you to lean back and push through the normal “dead spots” at the top and bottom of your pedal stroke. The thinnest pedal platform on the market also allows for more balance and stability because you are standing on the side of the spindles instead of the top. weight is a very respectable 395 grams!

Premier Users click here to see our review of these pedals from Singletrack Issue 54

The pedal has been tweaked from the previous version, with amendments made to the pins to stop them backing out so easy and a new range of colours including light blue, gold, grey and black. Retail price on the pedals will be £125.

The Crampon pedals are due to ship in a few weeks time and can be purchased directly from us at Progressive Bikes. Numbers are limited so be quick and get your orders in!

For news on Canfield products visit or Canfields web site at

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