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Fresh Goods Friday has returned! Here’s a quick list of what everyone in the office has got in to test, stroke or otherwise play with this week..

Adidas Evil Eye Pro

Price: £155. (prescription prices vary, but start at around £75 for the insert.)

Tom’s had these sent in with some prescription lenses, due to his blind as a bat status. The hip breakage means he hasn’t had chance to test them in active environments but there have been plenty of lounging around moments. The review will consists of not only the glasses but also what you need to know about prescriptions. Evil Eyes come in two sizes for different head widths, replaceable lenses, adjustable and replaceable arms, truly customisable for any situation.

Orange Fort William T-Shirt

Price: £19.95

Orange originally produced this as special edition t-shirt for the Fort William World Cup and ended up selling the lot. There must be a lot of Scottish Orange riders, or just riders with a tartan fetish, as demand was so high they’ve re-issued the design, but this time on a black rather than grey t-shirt.

Turner 5 Spot

Price: £1,995 Frame only

The 2011 Turner 5 Spot now comes with a neat little rear cable guide and a matching colour front and rear end. The transparent red is beautiful. Just like our Pete, seen here.

Cove G-Spot

Price: £1,895 Frame only

Ladies and blokes, we present the new Cove G-Spot. Six point five inches of skill compensation covers all your freeride needs. The knurled edge round the BB shell is to mount a chain device to, an ISCG mount would have meant fouling of the linkages.

SDG Aliso

Price: £29.95 (chromo rails) £49.95 (Titanium rails)

A lot of us here at the office have SDG Bel-Air loving bums, but they’ve never been a particularly cheap option. The Aliso aims to set that right. A bit wider and more padded than a Bel-Air and yours from just under £30 for a chromo model. Available in black, white and this Silverfish exclusive design, turquoise checker.

SDG Bel-Air RL

Price: £44.95 (chromo rails) £59.95 (Titanium rails)

More exclusive Silverfish designs, black or white with green stitching or purple plaid. Rockin’ or rankin’ you decide.

Chumba VF2

Price: £1,599 frame only, £1,950 rolling chassis kit.

Chumba VF2Jon has just received this Chumba VF2 through the post. The VF2 is designed as an all round trail bike with 5″ travel front and rear and the carbon back end uses a pivot on the chainstay. The rolling chassis kits includes Fox Float FIT 32 forks, Hope hubs on your rims of choice, Chumba grips and saddle and Thomson stem and post.

Chumba VF2 shockThis one has got a rather trick Cane Creek Double Barrel shock, which is a £150 option, as well as a Joplin uppy-downy post and should be ideal for riding up, down and over things in a do it all fashion. Jon will be taking the Chumba to the Passportes Du Soleil this weekend to see how it gets on..

Blackburn Flea 2.0 USB

Price: £24.99 (Front) / £24.99 (Rear) F&R Combi Pack also available £44.99
From: Madison

We like the Flea a lot, it’s just so practical. When are you most likely to use a rear red LED? On your commute to work of course, so why not make it USB chargeable so when you get to work you can just plug it into your computer.

Light and Motion Stella 400 Dual

Price: £274.99
From: Madison

Is what it says on the tin, two 200 lumen units, one spot and one flood, from Light and Motion. Run times are 2.30hrs on high, 5.00hrs on medium and 16hrs on low. Both lights are controlled by one button to save on stabbing at various buttons whilst riding along.

Finish Line 1-Step

Price: £8.99 Also available in 4oz bottle £6.99.
From: Madison

Take two bottles into the bike shed? This 1- Step from Finish Line cleans and lubricates leaving your bike looking like it just stepped out of the bike shop and smelling like an alpine meadow.*
*Only some of this is true.

Singletrack Classic Weekender Bottle Opener

Price: £1.50 or £1 if you’re a Premier member.
From: Singletrack Classic Weekender

Going to the Singletrack Classic Weekender? Course you are! While you’re there pop over to the Singletrack stand and pick up one of these awesome bottle openers. If you’re a Premier member you get 50p off too!

TRP Dash Carbon Brakes

Price: £174.99 an end.
From: Upgrade

These sleek and stylish brakes from TRP have caused a bit of a stir in the office especially with our resident black and red component obsessive Dave. Everything seems to have been whittled away to help drop weight, a caliper, rotor, lever and postmount adaptor weigh in at 380g.

Comments (20)

  1. The 5 Spot looks lush in that colour.

  2. Which part of the ugly weld on that 5 Spot rear triangle is the ” neat little rear cable guide”?

  3. Yay for the return of Fresh goods Friday!

  4. Everything on those TRP brakes seems to have been whittled away, except they’re still pretty heavy, and not exactly cheap…

  5. Nice looking brakes but got agree, still heafty, and expensive

  6. If you’re planing a review of prescription sunnies, don’t forget Dirty Dog. Very nice people to deal with, and as you know from seeing them on my boat, very cool spex.

  7. love the Turner colour, hate the cable tunnel thingy

  8. Those brakes look destined for the new Kilauea then.

  9. That Turner has given me wood.

  10. TRP aren’t for my bike, I’m hoping for some other red and black goodness 🙂

  11. That 5 Spot does indeed look lovely…

  12. That spot does look nice. I still like the polished back ends though.

    do they still do em?

    and lowey you have one, stop being greedy 🙂

  13. “Transcend geographic boundaries”
    Yeah okay whatever
    Is that a new riding style?
    “nah forget all this all mountain, freeriding, aggressive XC and downhill Im transcending geographical boundaries”

    Having cr@p like that written on the top tube just puts me off the bike

  14. Isn’t that Chumba a little big for lil Jon?

  15. It also says center of mass techology on the seatstays, to be honest I don’t like the name much either.
    I have a red one though and it is an awesome bike, luckily wording on tubes has no effect on the way it rides .

  16. I agree the wording is a little bit weird on the Chumba, though no more weird than some of the stuff you see written on some singlespeed frames 🙂

  17. According to the one or two TRP magazine adverts I’ve seen they have them as 330g each (I think), could the 380g (above) be a typo?

  18. Weighed by my own fair hand. Everything bar the rotor bolts came in at 380g.

  19. Cleggy come and have a day on Cybertill putting those saddles on you bum – it’s been too long, could do with a laugh……Livo

  20. The colour of the Turner reminds me of my early 90’s GT Backwoods. Wish I’d held on to it now 🙁

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