Sea Otter: KS Components with new posts and rear shocks.

April 16, 2010

So it's a rear shock... Yes, but that's an aluminium spring! Still in development, but if it proves durable, it'll offer an air-assist coil. Interesting...
The top end KS post has this neat remote lever that'll integrate with a lock-on grip flange.
Seat angles on bikes are getting slacker, so many manufacturers are also offering zero setback posts.
Yep, there's a colour-coding kit. It'll also offer a remote upgrade for posts that don't have them
What the...? The thing stopping 27.2 uppy/downy posts from working is that there simply wasn't room for all the gubbins. Hence this new KS post with Remote Gubbins(tm). It's clompy, but it'll offer post adjustment for the lies of the current Orange five. That's a new, simpler seatclamp too.
A trio of KS posts.

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