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February 18, 2010

You may not have heard of Rose, and to be honest we didn’t know much about them till recently, but they are a German mail-order behemoth. They have a 6000m square shop called Bike Town and a catalogue that is 926 pages long. As well as selling everything you could possibly ever need ever for anything cycling related they also do a range of bikes.

Andy and Fin from Rose UK popped round with cakes. The bilberry tarts were particularly popular and there was much discussion over sad cakes, are they the same as Welsh cakes? Once cake discussion had died down Andy and Fin remembered that they had some bikes to show us…

The Rose Granite Chief. This one is Fin's own bike so the spec is slightly different from normal. 140mm of travel and built to take some abuse.
Internal routing is used on all of Rose's bikes. Neat.
The Janitor. Odd sounding name, good looking bike. Full carbon, 140mm of travel. We're keeping hold of this one for a future bike test.
Full bling. No scrimping.
The Bruce 8. Doesn't everyone want to ride a bike called The Bruce?
Adjustable chainstay, but with this design the wheel won't budge.
The Bruce comes dressed with much finery.
The Verdita Green. This is the ladies version, no cliché colours here.
Car park testing, tyre kicking and top tube flicking.

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