New E*Thirteen Chain Guide

November 25, 2009

E*Thirteen have launched their revolutionary new XCX  – Xc and Cyclocross specific chain guide.

The XCX is an XC chain device designed to be used with a single front chain ring and with either a 9 or 10 speed cassette at the rear. Its lightweight design means you can drop your chainrings down to one and take off your front mech and front shifter further saving weight.


With a reputed weight of only 56 grams, the device is super light and has been designed by former World Cup mechanic Jonas Mikolayunas. Having won the Men’s Elite Silver medal in the 2009 UCI World Championship Cross Country race the XCX is the first chain retention system in the world to podium at an international World Cup XC event.

The chain device retails at £39.95.

For more information visit e*thirteen’s distributor Silverfish UK

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