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Chumba VF2 special offer.

The Chumba VF2 is now available for £1199 This offer is only available throughout October and on standard colours and shock options, stock is limited so be quick!

VF2 features…

-Custom made hydrofromed, butted top tube and flared manipulated down tube.
-Full carbon fibre rear end for weight savings and rigidity.
-Anodised 7 series aluminium hardware.
-Proprietary inverted extra wide bottom bracket shell for improved rigidity.
-Race and trail proven geometry.
-Wider diameter high quality Enduro bearings.
-Bead blasted anodized finish and tough powder coated finishes.


Chumba VF2 and XCL are now available with the excellent Cane Creek Double Barrel.

“We can now offer the excellent Cane Creek Double Barrel shock as an upgrade on our XCL and VF2 frames for £399. The CCDB works really well with the slightly progressive suspension action of the VF2, offering a light weight all round trail bike with a great suspension platform. By using the light weight yet tough VF2 frame with a coil shock you can still achieve 30lb full bike builds.”


Chumba XCL now available in XS

Chumba’s work horse frame is now available in XS, ideal for shorter riders and 4X duties.

The XCL XS uses completely new tubing specs, rockers, and a suspension system specifically designed from the ground up for this frame. The frame comes with a Fox RP23 with a 1.5” stroke and uses a standard 1 1/8” headset.


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  1. I HATE YOU! I’m skint and can’t buy another bike 🙁

  2. How much travel does each have?

    What are shock options for the price?

    How do I find out more? Link? Phone? Email?

    Not really interested, though they do look nice, just thought the post lacked a few key details.

  3. more here

    XCL and VF2 have 5″ travel and come with the Fox RP23 as standard. XCL is the stiffer and stronger frame, but is heavier.

    If you need any info email me at or call me on my mobile on 07590982836

  4. VF2 frame weight is around 6-6.5lb with a RP23.

    XCL a touch heavier, around 7.5lb ish

  5. Hello Si – how much stick can the VF2 take? Could it be a good lightweight bike for the Mega and similar or is that XCL territory?

  6. mmmm, the VF2 would probably handle the Mega, but if it were me i would use the XCL. Not much weight gain if you are sensible and better suited to the big rocks of the mega 🙂

  7. Si, what about the weight and price of the XCL XS?

  8. Just to help Si here – I bought a White XCL from him about a month ago and took it and my DH bike to Whistler for 3 weeks. Ended up riding the XCL 70% of the time, and it handled everything with no problems including all the double black stuff. It would definitely handle the Mega with a bit more travel on the front. I also hear there is an option for a new top link that slackens the head angle a bit – which would help more for the DH stuff. Also I’m a big bloke and heavy on bikes and frames so strength and stiffness definitely good.

    I can’t comment on the VF2 however.

  9. glynP, drop me a mail at and i’ll sort you a price out.

    Weight will be around 6.5 lb

  10. Wow nice pad Si. Chumba doing well? 😉

  11. That XS size (last pic) looks very nice. Bet you could just that one round a 4x course?????

  12. I think those pics are from Chumbas hotel near interbike…

    I had an XCL, was stolen about a month ago. The bike was a hoot on trails, and worked great with all forks I tried on it (130mm rev, pike, dt-swiss exc150). Chumba’s customer service is great, they contacted me upon hearing my bike was stolen to offer a good deal on a replacement.

    VF2 seems to have pretty much the same geometry as the XCL on paper, just lighter.

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