Trek Remedy Goes Carbon

July 19, 2009


The Trek Remedy was a great model for the Wisconsin brand. The bike was a great looking 6in all-mountain bike. Triple chainring, ride up hill, bomb down the other, kind of machine. At Singletrack, we loved it (save for some the slightly cheaper feeling bars) – well, now for 2010, Trek has sprinkled Carbon Pixie Dust over the Remedy, given it 150/150 travel and, as with all recent Treks, made it look really great.


Let’s start with the aluminium model. A completely new frame, 150mm Fox TALAS fork, good looking graphics, an E2 tapered steerer/headtube and, what else? The two aluminium models gain ISCG mounts and all new Remedys will have a magnesium rocker. The bikes we saw are still protos, but they reckon the ally bike will come in around 29lb, if not less.






Spot the company who employed some designers to make everything look great...
We're going to miss tomorrow's Bontrager presentation, but there are NINE new tyres coming out, as well as some 'on trend' new low risers, carbon stems and all sorts of goodness.


So here’s the top-end carbon model, the Remedy 9.9. It features an OCLV frame, made in the USA, the new Fox DCRV shock (which comes on all new 2010 Remedy models) giving a very coil-like performance, Fox TALAS forks, a Crank Bros Joplin seatpost, magnesium rocker and an all up weight of 27lbs!



“But what about rock damage and stuff on the carbon, you ask?” – to which Trek counter that they’ve developed ‘Carbon Armour’ – which is a two-pronged protection. First there’s a protective layer woven into the carbon layup, but there’s also an external patch stuck on to the downtube (visible in front of the XTR cranks, above) to deal with flying rock strikes. Trek seem pretty confident about it.



That is a smart looking front end. The new Remedy 9.9
And here's the equally smart Trek Remedy 9.8

Is there anything missing? Well, Trek still don’t have a rear bolt-thru axle system, saying that they’d considered it, but the Remedy is meant to be the lightest All Mountain bike in its class, so they didn’t want the extra weight.

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