Sunshine and, er, sunshine for Premier Demo series

by Chipps 0

For the hardy types that braved the weather forecast this weekend, the reality at the Cwm Carn round of the Premier Demo Series was mostly sunshine (with the odd couple of hail showers on the Saturday). Representatives from Mojo/Fox, Lapierre, Intense and Rocky Mountain/Turner/Cove were all on hand to loan out shiny bikes for riders to test round a challenging 20 minute circuit.

'Why yes, we do have the bike for you as it happens...'
Ed from Hotlines gets out to actually ride bikes on a Sunday, if only for a short while.
Chris fights through the hugely crowded trails. See the queues - not.
The windsock atop the newly revamped Freeride area at Cwm Carn.
Intense showed everything from the Spider 29er to SOCOMs
The popular Cwm Down uplift service was fully booked both days
Is that a prototype Rocky Mountain? Scott Beaumont's box-fresh new Flatline - now with non-swoopy tubing!
The Silverfish guys made full use of Scott Beaumont's deluxe motorhome and pizza oven.


Singletrack was there too, with Chipps mainly doing a bit of typing in the sunshine, drinking coffee and chatting. He was even seen out riding on a test bike and, later, on a rather tasty Intense Tracer VP…