Fresh Goods


The Salsa Fargo is kinda funny lookin'. A 29er built for drops? A Monster 'Cross bike? An epic chunky 700c tourer with discs? It's up to you. Or rather it's up to Chipps, as it's his current pet project.


Bontrager bits and bobs. Of particular interest are the super racer boy XR1 Team Issue tyres. 490g apparently…


The new Tektro Auriga disc brakes. Looking better than the previous version.. here's hoping they work as well as the old ones.


Torq Singles. Easy to pack into your kit bag or to take on a tour, they contain a single serving of energy powder. Just add to a 750ml bottle and you're set. Saves lugging plastic bags of white powder around and getting them mixed up with your washing powder.


Lifeventure's new 'extreme sports' trek towel is tiny, light and its highly absorbent hydro fibre material absorbs up to six times its weight. Ideal for camping and tours.


We've just heard that Saddleback are now importing Vredestein tyres, they've sent us a few samples for evaluation.


Matt has taken delivery of a Maxle rear end for his Orange Alpine 5 to turn it into a baby 224.


Bar + stem + locking grips "Freeride Upgrade Kit" combo pack from Outland. The grips use 3mm Allen key bolts. The bars are 720mm wide - woop!


First Aid and survival gear. Look for a feature in the May issue on First Aid.


Dakine Amp 18L hydration pack - featured in the new issue of Singletrack which goes on sale later this week.


Some not-as-pale-as-the-photo-suggests brown Dakine shorts.


3/4 sleeve top and nice-length baggy shorts from Dakine.


DVD of the latest (and arguably greatest) Red Bull Rampage event.


Sim's new fisheye lens shows Work Experience Lad George putting together some of the test bikes for the next issue.

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Fresh Goods