Singletrack Trail Guide – Gisburn Forest

February 23, 2009

p1000222As submitted by Jon Swift…

“Gisburn Forest is in the process of getting a significant injection of red graded singletrack with a bit of black thrown in. Volunteers have now built a full kilometer (as of mid February 2009) of twisty red grade singletrack with both climbing and descent with a few trail obstacles thrown in. Contractors have also started working on another five kilometers which is due for completion in April 2009. There is an additional five kilometers of singletrack planed for volunteer construction or by contractors if the funding is available. The beauty of what’s going on is that you can influence how some of the routes pan out. Volunteers have had fairly free rein over trail features as they’ve been building the trails so it’s a good time to get involved if you’re local (there’s a secondary benefit as well as every volunteer hour put in unlocks more funding). Once the first phase is complete the balance between fireroad and singletrack should firmly swing towards singletrack with somewhere in the region of 60% to 70% of the red route being singletrack.”

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And there’ll be a Singletrack T-shirt winging its way to Jon shortly :-)

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