Singletrack Classic Weekender- What is “Classic Trials”?

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Our multi-discipline solo-bike event that’s happening on the weekend of July 4-5th has attracted a satisfying amount of interest. A lot of (vaguely worried) folk have been asking what the “Classic Trials” discipline will involve. Here’s a little video we’ve knocked together to explain it to y’all…

Singletrack Classic Weekender – Trials from Singletrack Magazine on Vimeo.

Read more about the Classic Weekender…

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    Ooh just like Kick Start but with push bikes.

    And just so that locals don’t get an unfair advantage, those were ‘example’ trials sections. We won’t mark the sections for the event until the morning of the event. They’ll be of a similar difficulty though (which means that I’m going to fail each one…) 🙂

    Nice! Particularly liking the bloopers 🙂

    I think a sneaky recce of Lee quarry is called for…

    Don’t worry Chipps, I reckon I’ll outdo you for being pants at technical riding. Not expecting a lot from the downhilleither as I’m such a big puff!

    Dave – in the weeks before the event I think there’ll be some guided “Preview Rides” on Wednesday evenings 🙂

    I’m sure we can arrange some guided preview rides I was wondering about laying on some skills training sessions for those that feel the need. Taught by someone who is qualified to do so not me I hasten to add. A sort of shortened version of a smbl course. Would any one be interested?

    So its a piece of p*ss then (no, really – that looks much easier than I thought it was gonna be!).

    I don’t think that it’ll be the sections as such that will catch people out – it’ll be the fact that you have one chance to ride it and can’t make any mistakes. Just filming that lot I made loads. And they’ll get harder too, so you will have to be an ace to get through unscathed.

    But the overriding idea is that it’ll be fun, both to ride and to watch…

    It wont play for me, just getting the message “Vimeo is on vacation. We’ll be back in a few minutes.Love ya,Vimeo”
    Other vids will play but not that one.

    Jeezus Christ Chipps, are you not earning enough to eat properly or something? There’s only half of you left!

    Skill training? I owe all my success to date to brute force and ignorance. Trouble is I’ve only got a little bit of brute force and a lot of ignorance.

    What was obstacle 2? I only saw some tape wither side of the trail? 🙂

    “wither” ?

    Don’t worry about it, I ‘ll probably fall off anyway.

    I propose a handicap system for those who declare “So its a piece of p*ss then (no, really – that looks much easier than I thought it was gonna be!)” one hand tied behind their back or blindfolded?

    Not going to make it, but please please please can someone video it and post the results up here?!

    Ecksinspain – that’s already the plan 🙂

    Where/how can we sign up?

    do you get extra points if you take a front wheel out and do it??

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