Huami’s Amazfit Teases New Wearable Tech For CES 2020

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China’s Huami, famous for building wearable tech under the Amazfit brand, is teasing a trio of new wearable devices for launch at CES 2020.

CES teaser from Amazfit.
CES teaser from Amazfit.

As the bike launch calendar cools down, the tech industry is hotting up and with CES just a few months away electronics brands are starting to tease new products that are on the horizon. Generally, it’s the Chinese brands that have the most exciting devices to launch, and Amazfit from Huami hasn’t let us down.

The wearable specialists haven’t confirmed nor denied what they’re due to launch at CES, but an image advertising the release date does give us a few hints at what to expect.

amazfit ces
Do you see the teasers?

The image above clearly shows a person mid-run with specific areas of that person highlighted giving us clues at what Amazfit might be launching. The most obvious being set of headphones.

With the popularity of AirPods and similar wireless earphones, it stands to reason that Amazfit will want in on the action and could be poised to launch a set of noise-cancelling wireless earbuds designed for those of us with a more active lifestyle.

Next is the wrist area, that seems to point at the release of a new Amazfit branded sports watch or wearable. Amazfit could either be planning to launch an Android-style smart sports watch or a more fitness-specific smart band.

The last teaser is a little more difficult to figure out. Following the image, we would guess that Amazfit is on the cusp of launching a pair of smart shoes. Footwear with sensors built-in for monitoring your exercise and fitness, but this would be a huge move for the tech brand.

Instead, perhaps the third product is a wearable sensor designed to clip to your shoe to act as a pedometer or similar, but this doesn’t sound all that groundbreaking to us.

Whatever Huami is planning with the Amazfit brand we will find out during CES 2020, where many other tech brands, smart products and e-bike brands are expected to display new technologies. Keep posted for more tech news.

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    Could the foot-pod not be similar to the Stryd foot-pod, so a power meter for your running, perhaps linked with the wrist tech and headphones, you could run a race at the “perfect” pace – your own personal laser ala Kipchoge

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