Issue 147 Editorial: Best Foot Forward

Admission time… I’m a secret, or perhaps ‘recovering’ left-hander. That is to say I write and use a mouse with my left hand, but apart from that I’m basically right-handed. I play guitar right-handed. If I……

Reyt Good Bikepacking: Rider Kit Lists

Some of you who enjoyed our A Reyt Good Time Bikepacking in the Dales article will no doubt want to know what sort of kit the riders used.

A Reyt Good Time Bikepacking in the Dales

Amanda discovers that bikepacking isn’t all beards, flannel shirts, and far-flung adventures. Words & Photography Amanda Bikepacking is one of those things I really like the idea of but when……

Classic Ride 147 – Island Adventure On Jura

On the Lost Continent of Mu A classic album provides the inspiration for an island adventure on Jura. Words & Photography Markus Stitz It was a small boat shed on……

Issue 147: Vinegar and Brown Paper

A nasty crash has Chad Bean looking at his local trails from a new perspective. Words: Chad Bean Photography: Sam Reed Autumn is upon us, and the routes through the……

Kids In The Back(country)

Taking kids along for the ride may actually improve your experience. Words & Photography Tony Hutcheson For me, being a mountain bike dad has always been rather easy. You see,……

140mm suspension forks

140mm Suspension Fork Group Test

140mm Suspension Forks AKA Best Modest Travel Trail Forks. Which fork for real world riders on real world trails? Benji has the results.

Issue 147: Column: What New Standards Have Been Worth It?

Maybe don’t go to the pub with Benji if you’re a bike industry engineer… Words: Benji   When I say ‘new’ I’m going to be talking about any standard that……

The Aberdeen Scene

What’s the recipe for building a thriving mountain bike destination? Antony heads north to find out. Words Antony de Heveningham Photos Pete Scullion Scotland is a good place for mountain……

WHY 2K? Full-suspension bikes under £2000 test

Benji and Rhys look at the world of £2k full suspension bikes. Can a good ride be had at this price?

I ❤️ Love My… Indoor Training Set Up

Amanda brings you the details of her finely tuned indoor training set up. What’s she using and why? Garmin Tacx Neo 2TIdentiti AKA HardtailTrainerRoadGarmin HRM ProLifeLine Turbo Trainer TableVacmaster Cardio54……

Boardman MTR 8.9

Boardman MTR 8.9 review

The Boardman MTR 8.9 has an awful lot going for it.The cover of this book may look 2013, but it reads just in 2023.

Jamis Faultline A2

Jamis Faultline A2 review

With a steeper seat angle, this Jamis Faultline A2 would be amazing. That one change would make all the difference.

Vitus Mythique VRX 27

Vitus Mythique VRX 27 Review

With the Vitus Mythique VRX 27 the brand has created an entry level trail shredder without the limiting entry level geometry of old.

International Adventure: New Kids Sur Le Bloc

Last year, Chipps chucked (most of) it all in and moved to a small village in the French mountains. But how do you say ‘Show me to the good trails!’ in French? Words……

Singletrack Magazine Issue 147 Is Out Today! How will you read yours?

If you receive a printed copy of the magazine each issue, it’s now in the post – we can’t be sure exactly when it will land with you, but if...

Issue 147: Last Word: Feel The Love

Hannah goes head over heels… in a good way. Words: Hannah Doodles: Amanda Was it an instant thunderclap of ‘this is it’, or a slow burn realisation that you were happy and……