Beginners Guides with Chris & Andreas – Snowboard Noses

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While us Brits sit in our November drizzle, dreaming of the days when the world reopens and we can head for the mountains once more, Chris and Andreas find themselves locked down in Whistler. For this we hate them of course. But it is not for us to dampen their enthusiasm for while we can’t board we can at least learn some stuff.

In this episode (video below) we learn all about snowboard noses. The shapes of them that is and what each shape is designed to do. If you thought they didn’t make any difference to the way your board rides then you are about to be educated.

Introducing Andreas.

Andreas not only lives in Whistler, works in a snowboard shop but is a top boarder and artist to boot. When it comes to snowboards he knows his onions – he does sell them after all. Andreas is recognisable out on the mountain due to the fact none of his jackets have working zips it appears. Also he uses nature’s props whenever he can, for example this branch in lieu of a GoPro selfie stick.

In this, their first learning session of the 20/21 season Chris and Andreas explain everything we need to now about snowboard noses. Over to the guys.

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