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These cookies are needed for our website to function properly, to provide payment gateway security and other essential functions including vital reporting on how our users interact with our website. Therefore they are always on but they do not contain personally identifiable information (PII).

Name Purpose

Google Analytics

Analytics help us deliver better content to our audience and allows us to market the size of our user traffic to advertisers and sponsors. For example: it allows us to measure how many users visit our pages in any given month. No personal information is ever passed or shown to third parties.


Skimlinks allows us to monetise our website in a way that is virtually invisible and unobtrusive to the users experience on our website. It helps us to balance more traditional revenue streams such as display advertising in favour of the user experience. We also use it to provide analysis of sales trends through reports that indicate the sales values for individual retailers but at no point do we see identifiable user data. Users get an opt out option automatically after clicking a Skimlinks enabled link on the site unless they have previously given Skimlinks consent on other websites. Users can check their opt in/out status and change it here


WordPress sets a couple of cookies that track logged in users and store user preferences set in their WordPress user profile. These are set for registered users of Singletrack only.

Wordpress (Advanced Ads)

WordPress Ad delivery software plugin This is a software tool we use to provide further fine control of how our ads are delivered on our website. It is the primary tool used to ensure that registered users see fewer ads than none registered users. It is also the mechanism that allows us to deactivate advertising for all our website paying subscribers. This cookie stores information such as how many times a user has seen ads within a given time period in order to better control the users ad experience. It is a vital part of the functionality of our website. No personally identifiable information is transmitted to any third parties.

Select Name Purpose

We use Facebook Pixel code in order to track website use by Facebook visitors. The primary use of this code is to provide us with performance information on content and better guide our content creation policies. We also use it to create anonymised audience segments of Facebook users that we can then use to create targeted ad campaigns highlighting our content, goods and services on the Facebook platform.

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