Bontrager Releases New GR2, wait… what? Gravel Shoes

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Ha! Bet you didn’t know that you needed special shoes for riding gravel, did you? Bontrager begs to differ and has just launched the new Bontrager GR2 gravel shoes in two different colours, ready for all of that gravel riding and perhaps even the odd bit of cyclocross racing.

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There’s a fine line between awesome and awful. Where do you sit? We’re veering towards awesome.

According to Bontrager, the GR2 is “an all-new shoe that’s purpose-built for gravel but perfect for a multitude of off-road surfaces.” or as the slogan puts it – “For the groad less travelled”

Ready for action…
Those aren’t thumb loops at the back, but ‘for carabinering them up to dry’. Well, OK then.

We’re not sure if the Bontrager GR2 is the stupidest idea ever, or the most appealing SPD compatible trail shoe we’ve seen for ages. The shoe features good old reliable laces, a grippy Foray outsole and the nylon sole’s stiffness is rated at a not-uncomfortable 6 out of Bontrager’s stiffness scale that goes up to 14. This gives decent power output, without causing you to skate around while off the bike on rocks (or in the pub after your ride).

Sensible sole and option for toe studs if you like to get a bit ‘cross…

The Bontrager GR2 upper is made of a durable synthetic leather upper with ‘GnarGuard’ abrasion resistance to protect against scuffs and trail obstacles. The shoe’s last, too, is cut a little roomier than Bontrager’s race shoes to allow for a bit more comfort on long days on or off the bike.

Phew! They come in black too…

Hmm… it looks like we’re talking ourselves into the idea of them. They’re out now, priced £129.99 or US$139.99

GR2 comes with infinite adjustment retention system – AKA laces.

“Gravel riding is getting more and more popular, and people want a shoe that’s built to explore,” said April Beard, Bontrager Director of Product for Helmets and Shoes. “The Bontrager GR2 Gravel Shoe ticks all the boxes. It’s comfortable, durable, and walkable, so you can have bigger, bolder adventures.”

Find out more about Bontrager here.

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