Fizik Powerstrap X4 gravel shoe launches

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Before you say anything, we know, okay? We’ve already pointed out that a gravel shoe seems a little unnecessary, as we’ve got by just fine with MTB clipless shoes until now. Right, that’s that out of the way. Fizik (as well as Shimano, and we are sure others will follow soon) has decided that there’s a small niche out there that can be filled, and wanted to make the perfect shoe for gravel riding. Putting any cynicism aside for a while, we are always interested to see companies thinking about the needs of gravel riders… and if you are looking for a new set of shoes for the groad, why not?

No prizes for guessing where the name comes from

Powerstrap X4

As you’ve probably guessed, the Powerstrap X4 is Fizik’s “all-new off-road shoe purpose built for today’s gravel-orientated adventure cyclists”.

“Gravel specific”

According to the company’s release, it is a versatile gravel-focused shoe, created for comfort, high performance and a close fit when drop bar riders adventures pass the limits of traditional paved roads. It’s part of fizik’s Terra off-road series.

The shoe is designed to be suitable for gravel riding

Visually, the most striking thing about the shoe is the “Powerstrap” velcro closure. Fizik claims this delivers an enveloping fit. The idea is that while most traditional velcro closures just pull together two sides of the shoe’s upper, the Powerstrap’s configuration features a ribbon that wraps around the foot, providing secure containment. To further keep your foot secure, both the instep and the midfoot are separately adjustable for customised fit and compression.

Off road tread

On the outside, the Powerstrap X4 features the new X4 outsole, designed specifically for the shoe. The sole is nylon, rather than carbon. Fizik claims the shoe has targeted stiffness. It has an overall stiffness index of 6, apparently. We have no idea what the scale is, but assuming it’s along the lines of most other companies, we’d guess that this means not fully race stiff, and capable of a bit of walking around in.

Strap in

The grip looks more than adequate for most conditions, but we’ll be interested to see how it stands up to full UK winters. At a guess the “gravel design” doesn’t extend to knee deep mud.

We love that this colour is “mud”

While we are on mud, it is one of the colours offered for the shoe: Black/Black, Anthracite/Grape and Mud/Caramel.


Terra Powerstrap X4 is available now from dealers worldwide and from priced €149, $149 and £149.99.

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Comments (3)

    Well that’ll teach me to be cynical. I was expecting a price closer to £300. Even I could afford these.

    Whilst I’m perfectly happy to call out pointless new cycling niche stuff,I think there is a place for a gravel type shoe at a reasonable price – heavier duty than a road shoe with some grip, slightly more flexible sole but none of the rubbery heft and chunk that even most xc mtb shoes have. Also most of the less hefty mtb shoes are the ultra expensive carbon soled double boa jobs at £200 plus. Quite like this one – especially as no doubt like many fizik shoes it will end up being around £100 online.

    I was looking for something like this a couple of months ago, when I bought my Tempest.
    As there was nothing about I decided on the Fizik M4B Uomo being about the right amount of road/xc crossover & what a fabulous pair of shoes they are.
    Despite not being in a lovely pastel shade, I’d argue that they are a better UK Gravel shoe than this new one, for roughly the same price.

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