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Received: MET Inferno and Forte helmets

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We’ve just received two new helmets on test from MET – the Inferno and Forte, elegantly modelled here by Todmorden’s answer to the Mona Lisa.

MET Forte…

…and Inferno.

Given that we’re currently spending a large percentage of our afternoons watching the pro peloton throwing itself headlong onto French tarmac with gay abandon, it’s reassuring to note that MET takes the safety – as well as the aesthetics and venting – of its helmets seriously, saying of the Inferno:
With the new generation of occipital retention system, Safe-T Advanced, Air-Lite side straps and dividers, it is equipped to such a high standard that it has no reason to be jealous of our Pro range helmets.”
Hurrah, we feel safer already!
Both available from MET, Inferno (not available in US) £100/€120, Forte £65/€75/$100
Incidentally, there’s a rather nice promo video on MET’s site, featuring none other than Grit.CX contributors Dave Noakes and Juliet Elliot doing ‘moody cultural appreciation by bike’ in Italy. Dave’s story, My CX Epiphany, was picked to appear in the 2015 Grit Annual, in the shop now – go get your copy if you haven’t already!


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