700c trials madness

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Alright – they’re slicks not knobblies, but he’s on drop bars so we’re going to claim this one for ‘cross riders everywhere. In Road Bike Freestyle 2, pro road team Tinkoff Saxo teams up with trials rider Vittorio Brumotti – and whatever your thoughts are on the provenance of the former, Brumotti must be alright because he lists Martyn Ashton as a personal hero:
“My inspiration is Martyn Ashton, who will always be my hero for what he has created with the road bike. I will always be his most avid fan, almost like a stalker! I studied for a long time to be able to share this project with him. He is a continual source of inspiration for me despite the accident that obviously did not stop him.”
Ace. Take it away, Vittorio…

Don't look down…
Would only be cooler if the plane was moving. Jus’ sayin’…

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