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Helen Wyman is well known as a rider that does a huge amount of work, not only for her sponsors, but also for the greater good of cyclocross racing.
MK WC Organiser Simon burney chats to Stef and Helen Wyman on a course walk

Helen, and husband Stef, Wyman chat to MK World Cup organiser Simon Burney at a visit to Campbell Park, earlier this summer

We’ve got permission from the good folks over at prowomenscycling.com to bring you this two part interview about this work, and  a whole heap more.
Each part of the interview is an hour or so long, and Sarah Connolly and Helen Wyman get in depth about womens cross racing, equal prize money, kids racing, US versus Belgian courses and a whole lot more. In our opinion, the well informed voices are worth your time, They can be downloaded to listen to later at the website, or streamed via the links we’ve got here.
Part 1:

Part 2:

If you want a bit more info on Helen, check out her personal website or ask her something on her ever engaging twitter @cxhelen.
If you need a quick Wyman fix right now, here’s a little video from the US racing the two great ladies chat about during their interviews.

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