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  • Word of warning of the quality and warranty of On-One Carbon Race 29-frames
  • Shibboleth

    So it would be feasible that the frame doesn’t shrimk in the cold, but the bonding epoxy does and becomes more brittle.now put this with a high stress area like bb or seat post amd it is perfectly feasible that over time the bond will weaken and the insert come loose…ok?

    So why didn’t all the frames fail spectacularly during last year’s Milan-San Remo? Or any other race where temperatures are sub zero?

    Why have none of my carbon frames (Cervelo, Scott and Giant) failed when I’ve used them in temperatures down to -10°c? Why haven’t they failed when I’ve stored them indoors at room temperature and then taken them outside and ridden them at below zero?
    Why haven’t they failed when I’ve flown them over to Majorca in the freezing hold of a plane, and then jumped on them and ridden them, when the frame is still cold to the touch, in 30° heat?
    So many question marks, so little time…


    All in all I think that On-One haven’t done a huge amount wrong here

    Staff or mate?


    Another instance of average joe MTBer buying based on perceived value rather than what is a good product, then surprisingly getting stung 🙄

    But cheap, buy twice.

    It’s like when we had endless customers impressed by cubes having an XT rear mech, nevermind the shoddy bb headset chain cassette shifters etc etc. Then getting upset over their headset wearing out in two months after they had been warned.


    Just to add a little balance since there seems to be criticism flying in from all directions on this one:

    I have some on one socks and they have performed well, been worn a lot and are still hole-free (apart from the one, obviously). I may even buy some more.

    Premier Icon davieg

    Finally I’d be interested to hear from the OP exactly what he wanted from On-One that he feels would have been a satisfactory response to his issue.

    OP, I would like to know this too? You threatened to vent on this forum and have done so. Is that it, or had you hoped by posting you could get some further traction with On-One?

    Brant’s comments would be unacceptable on a official company email, letter or phone call, but on social media, not so. Are you brant / On-One here, or Brant first who just happens to work for On-One? Hence why should he state he was from On-one? I had no idea who Brant was, but after too long lurking on here, I could deduce a link soon enough. Having identified this site to post on, perhaps with a little more googling the OP could have deduced this link here too, and “reached” out to Brant.

    If the warranty option has expired as you suggest and you were looking for a gesture of goodwill, trashing the company is unlikely to generate a favourable and willing response. If indeed, that is what you wanted.

    So in summary, an olive branch was offered but rejected (perhaps in ignorance), and then clumsily retracted. OP, maybe you want to take up the second olive branch that has been extended rather than p*ss on it and perhaps Brant will be more willing to resolve your issue?


    Looks like Brant has, and given the way this thread went probably unsurprisingly so, abandoned this thread and looks to be doing the right thing* over on MTBR.

    Hopefully a satisfactory resolution is reached.

    *After an initial PR wobble 8)


    What happened between page 3 & 8?

    Anyway, I side with the for on one and in favour of Brant argument.

    Every time I phone on one their customer service is top notch.

    This thread reminded me why I stopped working in retail/sales.

    If you don’t believe the customer is always right, you shouldn’t be responsible for customer service.


    What happened between page 3 & 8?



    Shib..it takes time for bonding to fail…in the hold of a plane for example..shrinkage may occur..however the frame and compnents are not being subject to repeat stress cycles from use and riding so the bond doesnt get stressed when its weak..similarly with a race envrironment in sub zero..thise frames will be used hard…for short duratikns and then retired…most race frames wont be used for more than a season so again not an issue that is likey to appear in a short time..not so many question matks in a short time..just you displaying a massive inability to grasp basic behaviours of materials. All composites and resins have perfoemance tolerances that chamge with higj temp low temp.chemical attack and stress cycles..hence why there is such a strong inspection and ndt regieme in all industrial uses of composte materials and bonding agents including jn aircraft, chemical storage systems and structural bonding agents… now would yoy like me to do some little drawings and maybe an animation using a small.monkey and tube of smarties to make it easier to grasp? * and this is why I stick to talking about boobs and beer with single speeders. ..*


    should also be noted that similar bonding fail has happened within my riding group on sdg carbon I beam seat posts on bikes used for hard winter riding in sub zero conditions last year where the heads came out of the carbon tubes due to bond degradation (gave to a mate who is a materials scientist to play with)


    With regard to my “wasting time” comment, the OP indicated he was finished with us, and on that basis there’s little point in persuing. However I do want to work with our faithful customers

    You might also want to consider the impact of your unpleasant tone on people who might not currently be customers, but are thinking about buying one of your products.


    Think I must be one of the odd one’s out who chuckled at Brants “wasting time” comment. I’ve dealt with Brant on the phone and actually prefer his no bullshit straight to the point attitude better than some of the smarmy attitudes of other companies.


    tazzymtb – Member

    Shib… [white noise] sssssssssssssssssssssssscsccccccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh
    wwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [/white noise]

    Yawn 🙄

    Premier Icon vincienup

    Probably more to the point, if OO’s customer approach was up to snuff, Brant wouldn’t need to feel he needs to sort it out every time. Even Brant cannot be a miracle worker it seems, although I have heard of excellent attempts of his.

    I know I’ve had run ins, and don’t really care anymore. There are other shops, so I use them.

    Cue more posts about how “I’ve worked in retail and you found like a nightmare customer”…


    lol @ shib, you have just basically shown that science and reason have no part in you world view..are you a creationist…or even worse..a graphic designer..?

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    And that’s where we put this thread to sleep.

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