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  • windows tablet – no keyboard when signing into kindle/kobo etc?
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    the missus has brought a tablet, she has downloaded the readers etc, kindle and kobo, but the sign in pop up comes up and the kursor is there, but the on screen keyboard won’t pop up to type anything?

    any ideas, apart from an external keypad addition?

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    Maybe she’s singing badly?

    Premier Icon Whathaveisaidnow
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    ooops 😀

    Premier Icon tomcrow99
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    Mine has done this occasionally, if you hit the little symbol that looks like a clock in the bottom right I think you get a keyboard option there.

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    Is the tablet in tablet mode? Without tablet mode enabled the keyboard won’t pop up when necessary.

    Bottom right notification icon and there should be a ‘Tablet mode’ option. Tablets should default to it enabled, but sometimes don’t.

    Tablet mode will give you full screen start menu though and apps run full screen. It makes way more sense though when used as a tablet.

    Some traditional desktop apps (as opposed to tablet style “metro” apps – those you get in the Store) don’t always trigger the keyboard, so you have to use the keyboard icon in the bottom right. That should appear by default if Windows detects the device as a tablet.

    Other thing is make sure you’ve got all the updates. If it’s new then possibly it won’t be shipped with the latest. There will be numerous updates and then after a while it will eventually pull down the Anniversary Update which is a major update.

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    There’s an option somewhere to automatically bring up keyboard when you are promted for text entry.

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