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  • Why are DAB radios greedy buggers?
  • I bought a DAB radio for use in the bathroom. Obviously not run off mains so it is powered by 6x 2500mAh C cells (Energiser rechargeable). The batteries last about an hour and that’s an hour set to a lowish volume level.

    Is this normal? And if so, why do DAB radios consume so much power?


    that sound excessive i have one for fishing and i get about 20 hours or so from 4 aa rechargables

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    Derek and his radio earlier

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    The DAB radio in our kitchen uses about 2-3 watts depending on how loud we’ve got it on, which doesn’t seem like a lot.

    I remember seeing a wind-up DAB/FM radio someplece. DAB – 30 minutes per 3 minutes winding, FM 3-4 hours.


    Roberts Solar DAB radio FTW. Batteries last ages. Charge on a windowsill. Might need to source from ebay as it looks discontinued. I bought one for the family boat and it was excellent.

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    I guess different components have different power consumption levels, themore expensive the kit the less power hungry it is? Roberts have a range of “eco” radios which are allegedly frugal. Used to have one similar to that which you describe and the battery useage was not an issue.

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    What state are the batteries in? If they’re five years old and have spent most of their life on fast charge, they’re almost certainly knackered.

    The radio is a Bush TR2003DAB.

    Batteries are on their third charging cycle in an “intelligent” charger from the same manufacturer as the batteries.

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