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  • Who’s owned the most bikes? Can anyone beat Mamadirt??
  • Premier Icon Daffy

    I think I might be able to give Mamdirt a run for her money here.

    Since Feb 2007

    Giant XCR
    Giant Trance
    Rocky Mountain ETSX
    Orange P7one
    Kona Kula Deluxe
    Rocky Mountain Vertex
    Merlin Hardtail
    Cotic Soda
    Cove Hummer
    Scott Contessa (bought for the missus)
    Klein Attitude (stolen by the missus)
    Kona A
    Ibis Mojo
    Airborne Lucky Strike

    14 in 23 months. I’m pretty happy with the last 5 though, so they may last a while.

    I’ll keep the Mojo, Klein and Airborne until either they or I die.

    Dunno how many overall but i went thru 12 last year . Ive stopped now honest 🙂

    Dunno how many overall but i went thru 12 last year . Ive stopped now honest 🙂


    Mmmm Got me thinking ..
    Im 40 this year & been sat down thinking WHAY BACK !
    1st was a Raleigh Budgie
    2nd was a Raleigh Tomohawk
    3rd was a Raleigh Chopper
    4th was a Raleigh Grifter(blue)
    5th was a Raleigh Grifter(red) Best seat in the world LOL
    6th was a Raleigh BOMBER ..AH who remember these classic things ?
    7th was a Raleigh Record sprint
    8th was a Mountain bike from USA my Uncle got me(bless)
    9th was a Raleigh Team Banana lol
    10th was a Raleigh MTB one of the 1st real MTBS !

    Getting the picture ..
    I wont bore you anymore
    Recent 3years ago ##
    GT RTS
    Prolex Animal
    Manitou FSR
    Santa cruz Heckler
    Santa Cruz Super light
    Cove G-spot
    Orange 222
    Orange 5
    Specialized stumpy
    GT Zasker
    Ti full susser For got the name of it !
    Specialized BIG HIT
    Cannondale Gemini
    Cannondale Cyclo cross
    Cannondale Chipolini Road bike
    Cannondale F700
    GT chucker LOL had a mid life crisis LOL
    Cannondale Prohet The best do it all bike ..EVER
    Cannondale RUSH
    Cannondale Carbon team 4 RUSH

    Prob missed loads off but id say i have had at least 2-3-4-5 a year since i was 11-12-15 yrs of age so…

    going on 70 to 100 easy
    Wish i could remember them all now tho ..


    Way to go fellas.

    See, I’m not so bad – I only had 8 last year 😉 and only 1 new frame this year (which I’ve just put on ebay as I’ve seen something else I fancy) 😳

    This year is only 18 days old tho mama lol 🙂

    36 since 1999.

    In order of acquisition:

    1: Peugeot Lynx
    2: Kona Lava Dome
    3: GT Tempest
    4: Merlin MALT
    5: Rocklobster Expert
    6: Marin Mount Vision
    7: Kinesis Maxlight
    8: Specialized Hardrock
    9: Dawes Horizon
    10: Santa Cruz Superlight
    11: Raleigh RSP
    12: Geared Inbred
    13. Mountain Cycle San
    14: Singlespeed (homebrew)
    15: Orange 5
    16: Inbred Singlespeed
    17: Ribble Road bike
    18: Cannondale F600 Furio
    19: On-one Il Pompino
    20: Raleigh Pioneer
    21: Specialized S-Works E5
    22: Ribble Winter bike
    23: Dialled Bikes Prince Albert 853
    24: Paul Milnes Team Cross
    25: Trek 2000
    26: Specialized S-Works E5 (TTbike)
    27: Il Pompino Pro
    28: Singlespeed Inbred
    29: Charge Duster Ti
    30: Specialized Hardrock
    31: Planet-X Uncle John
    32: Planet-X Stealth Carbon Pro
    33: Pipedream Sirius
    34: Salsa La Raza
    35: Planet-X Kaffenback
    36: Columbus X-Wing


    I’ve had well over 100 bikes since 1992ish plus about another 10 or so when I was a kid.
    no way I’m listing them all tho.
    most I ever had at one time was 14 all stored in my bedroom in a Tenement flat.


    Oh. forgot to add, currently have 7 of my own and 11 kids bikes


    GW wins 8) – thread closed!

    Premier Icon colnagokid

    do you people ride bikes, or just buy/sell/swop/talk about ’em? or are you bike thieves?
    Get a bike that you want, alter it to suit, enjoy it…

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Get a bike that you want, alter it to suit, enjoy it…

    🙄 The classic closed minded statement.

    Perhaps we can’t afford to buy the bikes we’d like to try, Perhaps we’re searching for that special something, the X-factor thats makes a bike truly exceptional. How do you know if a bike has it until you try it?

    Perhaps for some of us it’s more like "know what you want, search for it and alter it until perfect, then truly enjoy it.

    I’m there with the Mojo and the Airborne (well almost with the airborne – Need some Marta SLs)

    do you people ride bikes

    I’ve ridden 150 miles in the last 6 days. 8)

    Premier Icon colnagokid

    I dont normally reply but: I’m all for people seeking out their ideal. Or trying other bikes to see if thats what they like/want.
    You appear to agree with me that you have found a bike you like, and probably tinker with it, like I do wih mine.
    (30+sat off road, 105 sun, miles that is (no willy waveing!)


    To be fair I worked in a bike shop that bought and sold S/H bikes for a fair few years and just couldn’t say no to a bargain. most of them I eventually sold on for more than I paid. Back then I rode a stupid amount.

    Colnago kid, Who cares how far you rode, did you enjoy it? Coz that’s all that matters ot me.

    do you people ride bikes, or just buy/sell/swop/talk about ’em?

    LOL! Erm yeah… I do ride bikes:

    *willy’s out*

    150 miles in the last 3 days (including 40miles this evening in the dark/hail/rain/wind @ av. 19.5mph). Oh, and then there was the 41 paid-for cycling events in the previous calendar year which include (without going into specifics) MTB races/enduros, road races, open time-trials, a rubbish sportive and a whole season of cyclo-cross.

    So yeah.

    Love bikes. Love riding and racing them.



    Bloody hell, GW!

    Mind, working in a bike shop is cheating, just a little!

    That’s a lot of bikes…


    I’m kinda in agreement with colnagokid, quality and not quantity, though saying that I have had at least one a year since ’89.
    That’s ‘reasonable’ isn’t it?

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