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  • LMT

    Apart from schools anyone else not go in??

    Currently im working on opening a new supermarket, so im all over the place today i took the train from Solihull to Aston, i arrived at work on time, my deputy under me was early. We had interviews 9-5 today for new staff, out of the 9 planned only 4 arrived! others phone us, sorry the snow is too bad and this was for interviews in the afternoon…wtf! we are in a job shortage, and they expect me to change the interview day! if you can't be arsed to get somewhere for an interview how can i expect you to turn up to work normally!

    As i walked the store i was in, staff shortages everywhere, no bakers arrived, no trolley lads, half the cashiers and the store was busy! really annoying as over 80% of the guys live local!

    Don't get me wrong i understand if you live in the sticks and its hard to get to work, but when you live inner city, and roads are clear, whats the problem!

    Rant over!

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    MrsGrahamS was snowed in… and she's a doctor…

    But she did try unsuccessfully for over an hour to get the car out, with the help of two neighbours.
    And she is 22 weeks pregnant.
    And there are no public transport options to her current hospital.

    Snowing again now so I doubt she'll be going in tomorrow.

    Just lazy really! 🙂


    i didn't. i have had to cancel tomorrows beginner session at woburn too.


    er I did and I didn't.

    full of good intentions, I did set off. but when I'd gone less than 1/3 of a 30 mile journey in an hour and a half, I figured I'd be more use at home dialled in via VPN than sat in traffic, so I went home and did just that


    2.5 hours on Tuesday, 1.5 hours Wednesday. But I got there. quite a few didn't, but understandably so. I only live 12.5 miles away. 2 people cycle commuted which was admirable, but I'm not prepared to risk sliding under cars or having cars slide into me, without the protection of being in a car myself!

    First day the boss bought a bacon butty for everyone who made it in!

    Premier Icon valleydaddy

    was supposed to drive to Sheffield today for meetings tomorrow but H/O canned it so free next couple of days if snow stays about

    Premier Icon DezB

    Couldn't, so didn't. They closed the office anyway. And tomorrow, so I'll be "working from home" (Read: Snow fun with son)

    Premier Icon Capt. Kronos

    I went for the buying a laptop (alegedly for work…) a new mobile (alegedly for work) and surfing the net whilst sitting by the wood burner. Tomorrow I am driving a LOT of miles, which should be fun!

    Premier Icon aracer

    Aston? Not so far from here, so I can't believe the conditions were any worse – though I know from news reports from a big freeze a year or two ago that they make even more of a meal of it in the big city. OK so I didn't make it in this morning as I couldn't get to the main road, but still went in this afternoon when it had cleared a bit – was absolutely fine once on the main road, the only problem being our housing estate which has a steep hill to get off it. Was very empty on site once I got in – I'm sure an awful lot of those people not in live within walking distance!

    Premier Icon fadda

    I didn't (couldn't) go in. Had my first sledging session with (nearly) 4 year-old Fadda jnr instead… 😀


    I listened to the police, they said don't travel unless it is an emergency. It wasn't, so I didn't!

    In all fairness, I VPN'd in and worked from home.


    So what? hardly life or death re-doing interviews


    I didn't. I work from home too…

    I took the day off to go drive in the snow.

    Premier Icon Drac

    I did go but then it's only over there. ———–>


    I managed to get to work 33 miles away for the 3rd (or is it 4th now?) week on the trot without having to stay at home.This includes climbing to the highest village in the country and back again.

    Near whiteout conditions at slochd summit earlier.The central reservation barriers are nearly all covered now and its starting to look a bit like a tunnel to drive through.Theres a few cars off the road and one white van is nearly unoticable.

    This record will soon come to an end if megabus drivers continue to descend down Drumossie into Inverness at speeds looking like 80mph in the snow covered lane,though.


    I could have got in but seeing as it's my second to last day, I quite frankly couldn't be bothered. So stayed at home and worked from there. When I wasn't riding my bike or taking photographs. I did work till ten pm though. What a cock.

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