Whinlatter altura trail… worth 2.5hr journey to ride??

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  • Whinlatter altura trail… worth 2.5hr journey to ride??
  • Me and a mate thinking of having a wobble over and trying the new trail out. Never been before and was wondering if it was worth the trip over say going to Cwm Carn?? Also is it technical as we both like our techy riding. Any nice rocky drop offs etc??


    I’d also be interested in opinions – it was on TV yesterday but they didnt show anything remotely interesting looking, all nicely manicured gravel paths. I was hoping it was just because the camera guy couldnt be bothered to trek for better footage?

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    I love it, favourite trail centre at the moment but I wouldn’t say it’s particularly technical. I’d say it’s strength is the way it flows. Both loops are quite similar – big climb to the top, along the top and then zig zag your way down. Each loop takes me (pretty average rider) an hour.

    I drive from Manchester so it’s a similar travel time to you and I like it. Last time I did Grizedale in the am, Whinlatter in the pm to try and make it worth the trip.


    If you are going to drive 2.5hrs and want rocky and technical then do the natural stuff in the lakes. The Altura trail is only ok in my opinion. I wouldn’t ride it ahead of the natural riding the lakes has to offer.


    Yeah its good, some great swoopy, jumpy bits that can be taken as fast as you dare. Nothing technical really although there is the odd opt in/out bits at the side of the trail.

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    As rockitman says. Nice ride but not what I would call technical. Drove up there from Leeds in Jan and had a good day out. Especially the soup in the cafe afterwards, that was most welcome after riding on the ice down from the top of the 2nd loop!

    Give it a go, it’s a day out riding so even if it’s not your favourite trail ever, it’s still better than sitting at home.


    FS or HT? Does anyone have .MMO file ?


    its a pleasan ride but if you wnat techinical drive up and ride the borrowdale bash more than worth a 2.5 hour drive, set of early you could do the bash am and then ride whinlatter late afternoon

    If you park in Thornthwaite, just off the A66, you can ride up (and down!) a lovely bridleway to reach the trail centre. Extends it a bit and it’s a good descent. Axs the others have said, it’s not fantastic, but the two big swoopy downhills are ace.


    I’ve not ridden it yet, but I was up there on the road bike this weekend so it gave me a chance to have a look at what has been done. I very much doubt there are rocky drop offs etc from what I saw. I’m going to go ride it but only when I’m staying up there and doing plenty of other riding in the area. Probably doing it as either a rest day or including it in a bigger ride.

    Do you mean 2.5hours driving total there and back or do you mean 2.5hours just to get there to ride, so a total of 5 hours in the car? I’d have to say that it’s no way it or any trail is worth that amount of driving if it’s just a day trip. That’s a days driving with a few hours biking thrown in to make you feel good about yourself.


    Given the choice I’d sit at home. The bw up to it is nice though 🙂

    south loop wasn’t open when I was up there in sep, but have to say the final descent of the north loop was superb fun (on a hired hard tail and despite my hangover from wedding reception night before)

    whether it’s worth a long trip if you’re not in the area anyway I don’t know, but if you’re going up to the lakes in any case give it a go

    2nd potdog’s soup recommendation!


    2.5 hours round trip, yes – 2.5 hours each way, no imo.


    I very much doubt there are rocky drop offs etc from what I saw.

    Can think of 3 offhand, but they are all optional. One gets ridden very rarely, the dropoff right at the end of the second black grade section on the north loop. The other 2 are easy’ish, first section of black on the north side. Theres also a nice rock to jump off towards the end of the first section of the north downhill.

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