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  • Which OS. Mapping software?
  • Hi all,
    Have been out of touch for a very long time so thought I’d ask people.
    I used to use Tracklogs which I enjoyed using, planning routes onto OS map and printing off or going through a 3D fly through of route first overlaid onto the map.

    Having bought a new OS map I realise I get a free electronic copy for my iPad or phone. It’s made me realise there are new things out there.
    The premium OS member seems to be similar for an annual fee.
    Also seen Mapyx Quo which really interests me, made by my local uni Innnovations centre.
    Free software and 10km square OS tiles for purchase at under a pound.

    Does anyone use either, or can suggest something else?
    …..or have everyone gone over to gps units?

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    You could have a look at ViewRanger


    You can get the OS Maps subscription pretty cheap using Tesco Clubcard points.

    I use OS maps and like it a lot. Plotting routes with the website is easy and the files transfer automatically between web and phone app versions, maps can be downloaded (or printed) so you don’t need a phone signal when you’re out and about.

    I’ve also got a Garmin Oregon GPS but I stopped using that last year because the OS maps app on my phone did everything I wanted and was easier and clearer.

    There is a 7 day trial of the premium version if you wanted to give it a go.

    Great, will look into those options.
    I like the idea of OS….. perhaps the trial is a good way to check it out.


    Another thumbs-up for ViewRanger. I like the fact you can buy tiles for any part of the UK/France etc. but they also do promotions for entire regions, e.g. I got all the UK National Parks (1:25000) for not much last year.
    You can also import and superimpose GPX traces and attempt to follow them (it can be set to sound an alarm if you veer off-course by a configurable distance. Obviously it’s great for hiking too.

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    I like the look of the OS maps, seems good value. Will eventually replace my aging Memory Maps with it

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    OS maps here. It is slightly harder than it should be to go from OS maps to a suunto watch. But it’s fine in every other respect


    Locus Maps user here. Use Bing maps (with a personal API) as source for OS maps. Download any areas I want available offline, 1:50k and 1:25k. Overlay any gpx tracks I want to follow, or more commonly overlay Strava heat map when exploring new areas/trails.

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    Started using Outdoors GPS with a subscription then moved to the OS app because it was too buggy.

    Now moved back to the Outdoors GPS app because I missed the feature of permanent way points, and the OS road atlas style map. The not so colourful large scale map you get with the OS is crap, they’ve copied Google maps when there’s was much better!

    Have to admit the OS app is way more sleek than the Outdoors GPS.

    Looked at ViewRanger but I am cautious of their business model. My Dad used to use MemoryMap before smartphones and purchased quite a bit of mapping from them. But the amount of hassle he had from them trying to keep those purchased maps on various devices has meant he’s given up.

    The fact that app developers have to continually maintain apps to me means a subscription model is the only sustainable way to do it. The last thing I want to do is buy something which is equivalent to a 10 year subscription only for the company to go bust in 7 and I am left without what I bought.

    I am quite keen on ViewRanger though, especially since you can get Harvey Maps digitally (although the areas they generally cover I’d always want a paper backup).

    I’ve got a friend at work speaking well of ViewRanger. Good to hear more positives here.
    Good point about subscriptions helping with continuity. Following on from that thought, I’d have thought OS were favourites due to their size and global reputation.
    Thanks for the ideas, much appreciating reading peeps…..

    I may be able to suggest something else.
    If you have a look at open source OSM mapping you can download a lot (all of the uk) for free at open street map.
    You can then either plot your own routes or download other people’s GPX file routes. All free and legal.

    Read here


    Long time Viewranger user here. Very much like it (not without its quirks but extremely reliable). Excellent support. I’m too bought into OS data on viewranger now to switch, but I’d consider the OS app if I was starting out now because it might work out cheaper. On the other hand, I’ve bought all the data for areas I go regularly so rarely have to spend any any more.

    Never had any problems getting map data I’ve bought on other devices.

    Didn’t know you could get Harvey’s maps digitally (on viewranger?)! Off to check that out now.


    There’s no subscription for ViewRanger, so like northwind says, once you’ve got all the tiles for the areas you ride in, it costs nothing.

    The tiles are stored as .vrc files which can only be opened by ViewRanger software. So there is a risk that the product could disappear/go bust.

    Another Viewranger user here, the whole of the UK in OS 50k is only about £90 and sometimes they have it on offer. I can use it on my phone and PC no problems, you can download areas when you need them and delete when you don’t, this was great when we did our around the UK trip and I’ve even used it recently in Australia, you need data to download maps but once you’ve done that it’ll work on just the GPS. Also great for finding routes local to where you are and even MBUK publish all their routes on there for free. They also have some challenges, I’m doing the 3000 mile one this year. Support has always been great too if you have a query. Tried some of the others but I really like VR, no subscription, free app and software, just pay once for maps 😀


    If you have memory map maps on your pc use alpine quest , simply put the maps on your phone and alpine quest will read them.

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    The other think with view ranger you can use it to buy maps when you go on holiday.
    However this has kinda been overtaken somewhat now you can use data in Europe as I now use google or Apple maps to navigate, ViewRanger is still good for walking.

    I tried the OS maps trial but didn’t think the 3d viewing option worked very well.

    The other option I like with ViewRanger is I can share my routes for free on the site so tourist riders can download them


    For the older memory map .qct files (which is what I think Alpinequest reads) I use the MMTracker app. I was discontinued from the app store but downloads can be found for it.

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