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  • Which full suspension bike?
  • creedy

    By the look of the weather up by you mate think you’ll need a fatty!


    No just my snow plough creedy


    If you are keeping the Pig, a FS of similar ilk is a waste of cash. Get the best spread you can.

    If its just one bike, then a 135/140 FS with good pedalling manners will cover everything.

    If you keep the Pig, get a 160 for those Alp trips/Fun days. My main bike is a Titus FTMc with a 140 Talas. Its uberlight, and can handle most stuff. My second bike was a C456, which was really just a HT version of the same bike, so I’ve parted it out and I am building a Heckler with Marz55’s.

    If I was buying a new 160 FS, the Canyon Strive would definately be on the list.


    My pig is hung in the garage :D, I got a five and it feels just like the pig with a squishy bum!!

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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