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  • Which dropper ? Is brand x ok
  • Premier Icon dti
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    My 30.6 150mm giant is beyond fixing
    Are the brand x ones false economy?

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    Mines 3yrs in and showing some signs of wear.
    Lever isn’t great, but MK2 lever looks much better.
    Easy to clean and grease..

    I’ll buy another when mine dies.


    Premier Icon ogden
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    The search function here is garbage so go here: Brand X

    IMO I’ve had one and think a OneUp Dropper is worth the extra cash, even more so considering they have 20% off at the moment!

    Premier Icon jaylittle
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    I’m a convert to the brand x dropper, mine has developed some play but its had zero maintenance done in 2 years.
    Yours will be a 30.9, crc are selling brand x posts for £99.99 at the moment.

    Premier Icon plus-one
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    Brand x are rubbish “if” you need something to moan about. They just work and keep on working 🙂

    Premier Icon kimbers
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    Had ks, gravity dropper, reverb, brand X

    Gravity dropper wins on longevity, but brand X as good as any of the others (only had a year so can’t say for sue

    Premier Icon welshfarmer
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    I just had to laugh at Chain Reactions’ latest Black Friday deals. They have been selling Brand X droppers reduced to £109 for as long as I can remember. Today they have a flash deal with £60 off them. But now the price is back to the original £169. 🙂

    Premier Icon devash
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    I have just bought one from Wiggle in 30.9 / 150mm flavour to replace a two year old Giant Contact SL dropper which I knackered while servicing. First observations were that the finish / anodising isn’t quite as good as the Giant but not far off. Second observation was that there is zero play in the shaft whereas my Giant had tons of play from new, and so did the warranty replacement when I returned it.
    I am using it with a Wolf Tooth remote and Shimano SP41 cable so can’t comment on the remote, other than it looks functional. It goes up and down with no dramas, can’t really ask for more.

    Premier Icon nosedive
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    I have had reverb, specialized, giant and brand x. Brand x is my favourite by far

    Premier Icon mindmap3
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    A Brand X came with my Vitus. I can’t comment in longevity yet but it works well enough (the remote is a bit crud though).

    Premier Icon robw1
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    got a brand x a while ago. seems to be better than the reverb on the other bike.

    Premier Icon bikerevivesheffield
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    i’m selling a brand x dropper in excellent condition with both levers, 30.9, 120mm drop. £60 if any interest?

    Premier Icon philjunior
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    Brand X is good, but I would make sure you put some suitable grease in when fitting the remote cable (I used shimano cable grease to fit a replacement after a week or two, the original was barely moving. This period had to be fair involved the bike sitting out in the rain during a camping trip, but gear cables etc. did not experience the same -replacement cable has been fine since).

    Apart from that, 1x lever works well, no issues with anything, and we were able to fine tune the drop with a oneup dropper spacer thingy. I need to check how much it weighs before deciding whether to get myself one to replace my severely scored Reverb.

    Premier Icon martinkiely
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    I’ve got 2 – a 150mm and a 170mm – zero issues with either (they’re both the newer remotes) apart from having to replace a remote due to crash damage – so definitely not the posts’ fault!

    Premier Icon Kamakazie
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    My old Brand-X was smoother and a bit more consistent in it’s return rate than my new OneUp but the lever is pretty poor.
    If you don’t need the longer versions that OneUp offer I’d definitely go for it. You can always get a cheap after market lever eg Bontrager or the ZTTO ones off ebay and still come in cheaper overall.

    Premier Icon hols2
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    Are the brand x ones false economy?

    No, they seem to work fine. I replaced a couple of Reverbs with them. The Reverbs worked fine until they did the mysterious vanishing circlip trick just out of warranty, so it was cheaper to just replace them with Brand X. Functionally identical, much cheaper.

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