Where would you ride around Cardiff area for a day?

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  • Where would you ride around Cardiff area for a day?
  • I am off to see a stressy daughter in Cardiff this weekend. My role will be to administer hugs and cook dinner. She will be busy revising so om free all day.

    So, where should i ride?  I have options of road bike, gravel bike, or mtn bikes. Is there a must do? Im happy to drive to a start point, or ride from student land.

    A link to a gpx would also be great if its not glaringly obvious!



    Mtb ride. a good place to start would be Tongwynlais, make your way over to theTaff trail and head North . I’ll be out for a couple of hours Saturday and could show you a few trails.

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    I have an annual meeting in Cardiff that lasts the morning but I tell work lasts the day. I spend the afternoon at Cwmcarn. I considered Cwmcarn near Cardiff but I guess it depends on context of how far you are travelling.

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    Yeah Cwmcarn is about 30 mins in good traffic, it’s nice TC so sign posted, all weather surface etc – perfect for OPs needs. As is BPW which is a bit closer for most of the City.

    There’s loads of great riding to the North, as Taxi says Tongwynlais is pretty much the hub of it, but there are no office MTB trails in Cardiff and you could easily spend all day trying to find something you like.

    Im travellimg from snowdonia in the north, so a little drive out of town is fine. Cwmcarn sounds great!


    If you’ve got the whole day you can ride to Cwmcarn, do a trail and ride back.  Would be kind of XC with gnarly interludes. And long – 80-100k depending.

    https://www.strava.com/segments/644738 cat2 and perhaps do the two cat3s that hit that same summit. Maybe.


    Cant fault Cwmcarn this time of year it’s really good, prefer it to bpw to be honest.

    BPW will probably be mental busy too !

    lots of trails around tongwynlais, but you need to know the area a bit to get the best out of it,


    I’d echo the above re Cwmcarn.  First place I mtb’ in earnest.  If you fancy a road trip instead, just head out into the Vale of Glamorgan.  Any direction works.

    Thanks all, cwmcarn it is!

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    You could join me for a good long road ride if you wanted. I live pretty close to the uni, too.

    Otherwise, I can hardly disagree with what people have said, above.


    No chainy Saturday morning then James?


    Cwmcarn will be running nice in this weather.

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