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  • When you’re feeling blue and think there’s nothing more you can do
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    Also, now I know from where and whence (does anyone use that word) I got the idea for a ‘Sex Cop DoubleDD’ softcore detective series! Subliminal innit? (@ 17secs)


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    I love a bit of reggae and this always makes me smile for the absurd lyrics:

    Seh if yuh have a paper, yuh must have a pen
    And if yuh have a start, yuh must have a end
    Seh five plus five, it equal to ten
    And if yuh have goat, yuh put dem in a pen
    And if yuh have a rooster, yuh must have a hen, now

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    What if I’m not feeling blue but I’m feeling down depressed and lonely? Is there a place I can go?

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    When I’m feeling blue, it’s time to go inside and turn up the heating. 🙂

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