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  • When MTB went bad……The "Huck it" years…
  • I love the big-huck bikes!

    Mustn’t forget this HT baby:

    Not sure it’s huckable, but looks frickin awesome 😀


    Is that a DX rear mech on that HT???


    that evil hardtail is sooooo silly….. love it 😆


    And thumbies…christ I’m almost tempted to find out more!!!

    The head angles are nuts, I’m glad the ‘extreme dude’ phase is behind us.

    I do have a soft spot for Shivers though. Dems kool 8)

    Tazzy, that’s a whole barrel of win right there! HT-tastic! 🙂


    Is that the 5’s estranged father?

    Ahhhhhh the Marzocchi Girls, the thinking bike riding man’s MILF


    Ahhhhhh the Marzocchi Girls, the thinking bike riding man’s MILF

    the lady equivalent of an orange 5. Stout, not pretty, probably a bit heavy but a great ride if you could ever live with the looks 😀


    I think the scaffolder wants his pipes back


    Top thread 😀


    Wow. Loving those pics. I think my head angle just changed a bit.

    Has that MZ girl got buck teeth – looks a bit too trailer park chic for my liking.

    although it wasn’t a full on huck bike.i always liked the cannondale downhill fulcrum that missy giove rode 🙂

    My old Coyote I used to do silly stuff on. One of the only pics I have of it (hence small and low quality) and obviously after an ickle rear mech incident. Weighed 55lbs but I could still carry it up all the stairs in my place to the 3rd storey.

    Renthal MX bars, bmx stem custom shimmed stratos tr1 with a linear spring. Those Shivers were far too flexy for safety and the front wheel apparently blew up into 3 pieces on the lad I sold it too.


    I have a strange urge to watch New World Disorder DVDs …

    Bender. Hucking it.

    Bender. Hucking it.

    Isn’t the story that Bender lost his sight temporarily after his ‘splat’ on the New World Disorder video?
    Loved that video, 70mph manuals and a unicycle doing trials.

    ‘Toxic’ as the song said…..

    Am I the only one that thought Bender was a handful of rebound damping away from being much successful?

    Always thought he was a bit mad, possibly bullied at a young age due to his name. Saw his bike in the metal in Morzine during the mini-festival that went with the Freeraid (now the Passeport), it was hoooge.

    tinterweb trawl (avoiding schoolground Pinkbike flame war) suggests no one else ever tried the Jaw Drop.

    Love the quotes tho, “this is my warm-up line” etc. I’ve borrowed one of his line from a stack where he says

    “Know what the funniest thing about that was?”.

    “not a damn thing”.

    Sadly someone saw fit to stick some cliche music on this lift from a NWD video of Dave Watson suffering the same fate as Bender (broken collarbone IIRC)


    and more bender action (not often I’ve typed that, and modern riders are hitting bigger stuff on smaller/more normal bikes)


    70mph manuals

    that claim spoiled the feature. Yes it was quick but he puts some pedal strokes in to pull the front up, stood upright on a bike in baggy clothes. So unless he’s running an 80tooth big ring and is fitter than the TdeF guys, b****x was it 70mph.


    TBF he might be doing 70mph on impact 😀

    cynic, no doubt, but this is the bit we’re on about (used to watch NWD on a near weekly basis over beers with riding mates)


    from 47secs and at 1:36. Quick, but 70mph?! Even if he’d got a tow up to that speed from the truck the instant he let go his speed would drop, and the van has had to have had time to get behind him to film him (and at 1:41 he pedals to keep the wheel up). Still impressive and his stoppies are cool, so why taint it with a silly claim.

    I think he was doing those speeds. If you watch those pedal motions he makes, he appears to be moving the pedals to slightly alter his weight, probably to press into a slight side wind. Something you’d definitely need to do at those speeds. And he was going downhill (or the drafting shot) so no significant loss of speed.


    I reckon Bender would’ve landed a few more of them if he’d learnt to get his front wheel down a bit. Surely his giant gonads got smashed to pancakes by his saddle.
    Lovin it all tho…..

    Nah, watched it and analysed it too many times 😀 He puts in a good few pedal revolutions not just finessing crank position. I’ve seen 50 odd mph on a road bike and the instant you sit up bang goes your speed. 70kph maybe. 70mph, watched too many stunning TdeF descents to buy a vertical MTB is quicker even after an initial draft.

    Never believed he was getting near 70mph, still looked cool as though….

    Haven’t watched it in ages, going to dig it out. Will have to find the VHS player as well.

    Started with a guy building a bike? Some blokes jumping off houses in there somewhere as well. The unicycle guy, manuals, Bender and a guy in a four-wheel. And that song that rhymed ‘toxic’ and ‘moshpit’…..

    Premier Icon njee20

    A friend had 3 Karpiels: a Disco Volante, an Armageddon and an Apocalypse, the full on 13″ travel 2-shock Bender special. Was ridiculous. Far too heavy and cumbersome for DH racing. Just utterly mental to ride. Had some of the 12″ travel Super Monster forks on, was comical!

    thats the one, set the bar for “bigger is better” in bike vids. Slight change of tone in more modern fare with more cinematography or semblance of story or thread, but still bloody great to watch.

    Think my copy is NTSC-format videotape, bought in the US when it came out (later video players could read NTSC and PAL).

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