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  • d45yth

    Hi, Roger Musson’s wheel building book is good. It has instructions for building your own truing stand and tools! If you don’t like his book he’ll give you your money back too. Wheelpro

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    The only reasonably priced spoke tension meter is the park one. I’ve got one, I use it and I rate it. Other will tell you that it’s not needed. I would mention that it isn’t much use for measurign the actual tension but is useful for comparing spokes and giving you a measure by which you can tell your good wheels from your not so good ones.


    Looking into buying a spoke tension-meter and maybe even a truing stand to help finish off my wheelbuilds.

    I can manage to virtually eliminate the lateral wobbling in the wheel but can’t quite get the vertical roundness sorted out.

    Any advice on the best tools and techniques for the job?


    I use a Minoura True-Pro2 stand. It’s cheaper and better than the overpriced Park stands. The stand comes with a calibration tool, a dishing tool and a spoke key.

    I use the tone from plucking the spokes on a correctly tensioned set of wheels to tension the one I’m building.

    +1 for the Minoura above.


    Wheelbuilding tool

    Funny, I got called that once.

    I’ve built 3 wheels with nothing more than the spoke key on an Alien Topeak, a screwdriver and a big piece of cardboard. And, most importantly, Roger Musson’s book – it’s the easiest way to sort your wheels.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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