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    Off the Shelf? The Fulcrum Racing Zero’s seem unanimously adored. Probably a little too spendy though, good news is the Racing 1’s are very nearly as good and in your price range.

    Custom build? Should be able to score some DT240S hubs on something like Velocity A23’s, Stans Alpha’s or Pacenti SL23’s, with Sapim CX Ray spokes for your budget if you shop around.

    Or of course you can go for the far eastern Carbon Clincher options too, if that takes your fancy…

    Carpe diem

    Roadbike – so look away if easily offended 😉

    currently have some Campag Khamsin. Ok like, but thinking of getting something different ( lighter too )

    I’ve been told that getting a really good hub, and perhaps getting the wheels build around that, rather than just forking out on a new set of complete wheels would be a better option.

    I ride about 3-4 times a week ( in this weather mind )

    Just wondering whats going to be the best value for money, and where I’m going to benefit the most… any ideas ? Thinking £500 – £600 budget.

    Anybody had any dealings with Wheelsfar as there are some very nice looking wheels on their site?


    Pickle 2kg almost 😯 there can be better than that lol

    edit just seen the price for that money there a bargain

    plus one

    I have wheelsfar wheels as do two riding buddies(all road wheels) excellent comms- pics of wheels sent once ready..
    Great quality/finish..

    Tracking number once sent.. Done around 1000 miles on mine and they are mint 🙂 Mates are also running sweet

    Thanks plus one, good to know


    Wheelsfar for me also, no issues great customer service
    You can also ask for them with a sealed rim bed if you fancy going tubless

    plus one

    The wheelsfar wheels look sweet !!!!

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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