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    I have a 1997 coachbuilt Transit motorhome, they are brilliant and the engines are simple and easy to fix!

    Watch out for rust though as they are pretty prone…

    What sort of camper is it?


    I almost bought a Mondeo Estate today but they quibbled on the trade in value for my car so walked away. I then had to get a gas bottle refilled and on my way I spotted an old (1995) Transit Camper for the same price as the Mondeo. It looked pretty tidy (but I did not take a proper look).

    On the way home I started thinking that it may be the way to go!

    I don’t do many miles (I cycle to work etc) so the impracticalities of driving a camper are not too much of an issue.

    Does anyone else have one of a similar? If you do, what are your thoughts on them?

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    Check the sills and chasis for rust, there running gear and engines are fine and will go forever, it’s rust that kills them.
    I’d get someone who knows to have a look and good poke about underneath before buying..


    This was my 2.0l petrol/lpg just before I sold it.
    I loved mine and it was perfect, not to big, not to small.
    It did have rust on the chassis, so make sure you have a good look under there.
    I had mine for 4 or 5 years and it was great for just loading the bike/s in the back and getting away for a few day or a week of wild camping.

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    Only thing is if it’s a diesel it won’t be allowed into the LEZ around London, if that’s a worry watch out.

    I had an old transit camper, bit of a dog as a daily driver. I had the 1700 V4 version. Nice conversion but not a great driver


    I’ve almost finished converting my 2004 mk6 low roof SWB. It is my only vehicle. It’s great, definately recomended. 40mpg, cheap insurance (£204 for a 31yr old) loads of room for bikes, brilliant. Yes, watch for rust though.
    I had a Mondeo as my previous but one car. The van is much better, and only 2mpg lesss.
    there was a bloke over on the Transit forum bought a mk1 LWB in a sorry state to do up. He also bought a 4.6 litre Range Rover engine. Would love to see the results of that!


    I put a deposit on the van but having slept on it I am not sure if it is the right thing. Inside was great, refitted in 2003 at a cost of 10k. Fridge stove etc. Zig unit all tested.
    Engine sound, recent service and cam belt.

    Body work lets it down though as expected. It was better than the last one we looked at.

    It has had the sills patched for the mot but the job is rough. Welds not dressed and just painted black. Front wing will need replacing eventually and there is some bubbling around a window that will need sorting. There are other areas that attention. would want to replace sills immediately because they look rough.

    Anyone any idea how much it would likely cost to replace the inner and outer sills both sides?


    Just had my outer sill done, and also rear wheel arch, it was the join at the back of the door where they meet that was rotton.
    Bought an outer sill from ebay (£17) local garage did the rest. Removed sill, cleaned up, fitted new, cut out old wheel arch, supplied and fitted new (part £35), left primed ready for painting. Total £240inc.

    If its already had work for rust I think I would walk away, could turn into a bit of a bottomless pit. The walls on the old Transits also lean in a lot so they feel quite cramped inside, newer vans tend to be much squarer.

    Handy at practical stuff? Buy a Vivaro and do a basic conversion, will be much better in performance and handling as a daily driver. Seen some nice photos of one with a thin full height garage at the rear where bikes fit sideways with the wheels off.

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