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  • cyclistm

    In the market for some new wheels. Don’t need anything too light, but I am looking to save a few grams over stock wheels. (Focus hubs and DT Swiss rims).

    Wheels will be for cross country riding, no big jumps.

    Quick release, 26″ wheels, 6 bolt.

    I dont run tubeless, but might do in the future.

    When I last bought wheels it was easy, XT or Hope Hubs, Mavic X517 rims. I am confused by all the current Mavic rims and how they compare with DT Swiss, Stans etc.

    Looking for some recommendations please.


    If you want to go custom, i would recommend you speak to darren at strada wheels. Hes one of the top wheel builders in the country and will spec a wheelset to your exact needs and budget.

    If you want to go tubeless in the future, i would seriously have a look at the frm rims as there stronger and lighter then stans and are also eyeletted which means there last alot longer aswell


    Cheers Cruzer

    Anyone know, what is the X517 current equivalent? (but without a brake surface as it will be used for disc)



    Forget Mavic and DT Swiss, if you can, go No Tubes. They’re MUCH lighter for the same strength and will really make a difference to how your bike feels.

    Hope Hoops are the cheapest way to get some, you’d probably want Crests.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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