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  • alpin

    having had a look at the 'marmite' bike and read a few comments regarding URT bikes, would someone like to explain what a URT bike design is…?

    had a look on google images but found what mostly look like supermarket specials.

    oh, i like marmite but not that maverick.

    terrifyingly crap

    that's what they are


    Unified rear triangle.

    The bottom bracket is on the swingarm, to put it really simply. Have a look at a Trek Y33 for a typical example:

    or Klein Mantra for a ridiculous example:

    Or compare and contrast the main swingarm pivot on this Kona URT:

    with this otherwise similar Kona none URT:

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    Unified Rear Triangle, means that the frame is basically cut in half with a pivot between the two, but no linkages in the rear.

    Trying to find a good example they were quite common in the 90s

    EDIT:Beaten and wrong it would seem 🙁

    Unified (sp?) Rear Triangle. It's normally where the BB is intigrated into the rear swingarm of the frame ( maverick, *shudders* Klein Mantra etc) no powerloss through swingarm/suspension compression however can ride like a bucking bronco.

    Cock too slow


    …the horror…..

    Roter Stern

    And because the drive train was all on the swing arm the suspension only really worked when you sat on the saddle (ie isolating yourself from the rear swing arm) which was totally counter productive on descents.

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    And just to reiterate, Mavericks are NOT URT bikes… 😉

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    Are Mavericks UHT then?


    Nope but they do potentially have some of the drawbacks (the suspension performs differently depending on whether you're sitting or standing).

    I understand that the Pacific Cycles (GT I-Drive and Mongoose) system is a kind of URT. When you are descending standing on the pedals, you are standing on the rear-triangle which is only partially suspended (via a short link).

    Had a go on mates ID5 bike and thought it was OK for XC actually. I think the design suits more pedally bikes/situations where you are sat down and want efficient pedal input.

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    This is how URT is done well Voodoo Canzo Ti. I rode 1/2 of NZ with it, and the Alps on several occasions, no probs

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    Nope but they do potentially have some of the drawbacks (the suspension performs differently depending on whether you're sitting or standing).

    It's as good as negligible (7-8% stiffer when stood) to be honest. Means you're a little bit less likely to bottom it out when stood up, and when are you more likely to bottom out your suspension normally? When you're stood up going off a big drop…

    I have owned a URT bike in the past (Orange X1 in 1996), and the Maverick is worlds apart. The Orange wasn't as bad as people made it out to be (the BB shell was pretty close to the pivot which helped) in fairness. URT's mainly have a bad name cos of bikes like the Klein Mantra, where the pivot is in a ridiculous position. They're not the best suspension design by a long stretch, but to some people they have their place.


    URT = Hinged Pig


    When standing the suspension pretty much locked out (as you were standing on the swingarm!) then when sat they were like a pogo stick.

    They sucked – whatever the position of the main pivot.


    I know the rode like crap but i love those Klein Mantra frames


    Early Orange full suss bikes see X2 or UFO any Trek Y bike…

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    I guess the problem is that their creator must be more of an engineer than a rider.

    As all our bike technique teachers tell us… your weight on a bike should be on the pedals not the sadle when u are riding gnarly stuff.

    On these bikes the suspension doesnt work properly when you stand!!! That means its only good for pootling!!


    (Mr MC posting)

    Y bike was a triumph of aesthetics over function. The URT had a falling rate of suspension leverage, so you had to have an air shock (with a natural rising rate) to compensate, and the stays were so thin the rear flexed sideways about as much as it travelled (and I'm 11 stone with a full camelbak, not some great powerhouse). Thought it looked fab in burgundy though (had a Y22).

    The Mantra was just an abomination.


    I am no longer a go as fast as I can type of rider and will these days stay seated most of the time. For me, a Mav frame is perfect as the suspension works best when you are sat way out back. Only time I am really on the pedals is up steep inclines or on really techy stuff. TBH that is precisely why I bought it.

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