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  • Wedding invite dilemma…
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    One of my best mates got divorced a few years ago. I knew his wife pretty well – she was friends with my ex and we all used to hang out together. She wasn’t that nice a person in those days – no empathy at all – but learnt a lot with the divorce and that and because of various friends-in-common I stayed in touch with her and actually get on pretty well these days. My mate doesn’t speak to her at all – he’s happily remarried now.

    She’s now got re-married too and I have an invite to the reception in July. But not sure if I should accept. My overriding loyalty is clear – to my mate, and just not sure he’d be too comfortable me going. Not in a big way, just probably a bit uncomfortable. I could raise it with him direct, but thought I’d gather the collective wisdom of STW first cos even having the conversation could be awkward? Options as I see it are:

    1. Turn the invite down with an excuse
    2. Go and don’t tell my mate. He’d almost certainly never know but I’d feel guilty for not telling him
    3. Have a chat with my mate and check he’d be ok and then accept/decline

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    if he is happily remarried surely he is over it by now and happy for her or feels sorry for the bloke?

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    So long as you’re not taking his ex to the Back Doors Inn, I don’t see it as a major issue. I’d say, don’t ask him as such but as a curtousy, let him know you’re going. Maybe best not to ask him to be your plus one though!

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    Go and tell your mate your going, can’t see why he would have a problem.

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    Well he’s not going to say you shouldn’t go is he?

    But if you are saying “having the conversation could be awkward” then you’d best decline the invitation.

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    I’d just not go, but I will take pretty much any excuse to get out of spending an entire day watching people spout shite in hired suits before eating another overcooked lamb shank.


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