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  • Watchists: Old (ish) Omega, help needed
  • neilforrow

    This was handed down to me by my late uncle ~20yr ago. Its sat in a box in the loft and I haven’t thought about it. Having a nostalgic moment last night, I came across it and want to get it back on the road for the odd special occasion.

    Seems a shame to have it and not enjoy it.

    Its a wind-up and works spot on by all accounts. No markings on the back, and no way into it either.

    Can any one help with year, what sort of strap to get (the one fitted isnt original by the looks of things) and should I get it serviced, if so, where?


    Premier Icon rickmeister

    I would be very happy to recommend

    I follwed a recommendation from STW and have had great service from Christian. Good informative servicing, sends pictures of whats going on, good response to enquiries and fair pricing.

    Very happy…

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    Ooh, love the small seconds – finger in air guess at ’65, but that’s just a wild guess!

    Measure across the lugs for strap size and personally I’d look at Hirsch leather straps (they make the Omega straps anyhow) and if you so fancy you can buy an Omega buckle for £20ish.

    Wouldn’t bother servicing personally if it’s keeping time or doesn’t take a ridiculous amount of winding.


    Any use?

    Dial is not quite the same, but pretty close.

    Steel Omega Ref.2390, circa 1946

    Steel Omega Ref. 2390 vintage wristwatch, circa 1946

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    Can’t help with any of the above but that’s a lovely looking watch. I’d service it for operation but retain the patina/character on the face, if it’s even an option to fix. New strap if necessary.


    warns74 – the only difference is the numbering and the gold face, not silver. Other than that, it’s identical. Thanks!

    brassneck – it def needs a new strap, and tend to agree re touching up the face. I’ll leave it as-is for now.

    Contact Christian at Watchguy, between him and Mitka they’ll give you dates, model, original details and service your watch to your specification.

    (Christian is a friend but there are others here who have used him to give additional feedback.)


    On a closed forum’s watch group, they all recommend Watch guy too.


    Is there a tiny Omega logo etched in the centre of the glass?

    The originals had this, yours could be a fake 🙁

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    The originals had this, yours could be a fake

    The logo is tiny and very hard to spot, and in any case it could have had a replacement crystal fitted. Can you be sure a 1946 vintage would have the logo anyway?

    An expert would tell from the movement anyway.


    I have one very similar from 1947, my guess is yours will be around the same year, give or take, you will be able to tell once the back is off as there is a number stamped on the caliber which will date it accurately.

    It is essentially the same watch Omega produced for the military during the war, 110,000 of them apparently, they then put prettier faces on the post war.

    I have a chunkyish Hirsh strap on mine which gives the watch some heft, otherwise they look too dainty as they are small by todays standards.

    By the way Austin Kaye on the Strand in London sell them for around a grand, the 38mm versions go for around a grand and a half, so not too shabby.


    Is there a tiny Omega logo etched in the centre of the glass

    I’ll check, and thanks for the tip. For various reasons I’m fairly sure it isn’t a fake! but I’ll let the watchguy / Christian tel me all about it when I get it in for a service.

    Thanks for the info catfood. Your right, it is a small watch, but thats part of its appeal for me.

    I’m going to go for a Hirsch strap, but the question is: flat or curved end?

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    That’s a nice Omega.
    Here’s my fathers. Pretty sure it was his 21st present in 1951.

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