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  • Video: Inside the Hope Tech Factory
  • Ben_Haworth
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    New film takes a tour behind the scenes of bicycle component manufacturer Hope Technology  – always a fascinating peek behind the scenes.

    By ben_haworth

    Get the full story here:


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    Love a good tewer ert thope factry.

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    Hope has great folks making great parts, Singletrack has great folks making great (Hope) videos (but those accents!).

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    … do you mean Jane Horrocks, or the weird yankee accent talking about “Aluminum?” ;)

    Interesting to hear they’re 30 years old now. Is that why the logo looks so 1990s?

    Oh bugger, I watched the old video.

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    They should invite Greg Wallace and the tv crew up to make an episode.

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    Reiterating my point.
    To anyone jizzing over the Lewis Chinese knock off brakes the other month – this video and the people in it are who you aren’t supporting.

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    Love a bit of Hope bling, just wish I could afford more of it.

    Lotto win and Ill have one of their bikes….

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    Woody Hole :-)

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    Always great to watch Hope doing what they do.

    I think Guy Martin should do a programme about British Manufacturing.

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    Woody Hole is the best name ever invented 😊👌

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    Is STW now owned by YouTube?

    Lost of threads recently pointing to vids on the Tube

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    That video is on Vimeo not YouTube! As a mechanical designer and CNC machinist, I have a lot of respect for Hope as a company, great products.

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    FunkyDuncFree Member
    Is STW now owned by YouTube?

    Lost of threads recently pointing to vids on the Tube

    Even though that video is on Vimeo :)

    Edit, dam it, beaten to it!

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    Lot to like about a company that’s comfortable growing steadily over decades, proud and honest about its location and people. I can just imagine what some companies would come out with if asked to do an “about us” video like this. And of course the products!

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    I serviced my hope hubs last weekend, piece of the proverbial and thoroughly pleasant. Good video guides from Hope on YouTube too.

    On that note, the tech uses a clear barrelled grease gun with a nice big trigger. Anyone know where I can get one?

    I’d post a pic, but, well, you know…

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    Their factory is a lot bigger than I expected. And I never knew they made their carbon fibre parts (including their bike frames), in-house. 

    I did chuckle when he talked about their mistakes then their crank is shown.

    Enjoyed that. 

    Out of interest, is their crank any good now?

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    Hope have always been my go to company for hubs, brakes and other bits. Their products are sturdy, well designed and easily serviceable. They have spares for things bought decades ago and are much better than companies like Shimano where if something fails you just replace it.

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