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  • crikey

    Railway viaduct. 1849. By A S Jee Huddersfield and Manchester Railway
    Co. Rock-faced stone. Total of 23 arches. Each arch is
    semi-circular, has rusticated voussoirs, and is supported on
    a rectangular pier with projecting plinth and springing
    band. 3 of the arches are skew and flanked by flat
    pilasters; they are Nos. 9, 15 and 21 (counting from the
    south). This was already part of the LNWR before completion

    I’ve no idea what rusticated voussoirs are, but it’s a listed building…


    Not a viaduct, but a very impressive bit of Roman engineering I ran under a few weeks ago that seems in the spirit of the thread:

    The Aqueduct in Segovia.


    globalti – Member

    wow !! is that your Whalley photo or one of the web?

    This one’s in Slaithwaite (Slawit), near Hudds:

    This one’s in Milnsbridge, near Hudds:


    Pensford + 1.

    Ace thread. 😀


    Once for the concrete lovers out there:

    Ashopton Viaduct over Ladybower Reservoir:

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    I’ve no idea what rusticated voussoirs are, but it’s a listed building…

    It’s notifiable, contact your GP asap..

    (I wonder if I can get a sick day by ringing in and saying that I can’t work because of rusticated voussoirs?)

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    On the Bluebell…

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    Oi you Southern softies, get out your bunker and get posting.
    Fareham viaduct. Which used to be a nice sight on my commute, but the traffic through it rather spoiled the effect.

    Ah, if only it was still…


    Nine Arches at Rowlands Gill


    Not near me, but near my parents’ in the south of France…

    Feat Of Engineering by Legolam, on Flickr

    Viaduct At Night by Legolam, on Flickr

    Floating In The Air by Legolam, on Flickr

    Viaduc De Dulovy by Legolam, on Flickr

Viewing 11 posts - 81 through 91 (of 91 total)

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