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  • Value Alloy Gravel frames
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    I’m in the £600+ for an alloy frameset is very expensive camp (unless it’s a high end frame). There has been pretty chunky inflation of prices across the board with cycling, but I don’t believe it’s because a brand/company costs have gone up by the same amount. There’s also very little difference between the product you get, so it seems the value for money has gone down. Maybe it’s because demand is now outstripping ability to supply so higher prices can be commanded and no sell-off of excess stock (taking up warehouse space) is needed??

    I’m another camino owner very happy with the £300 value for money, and there used to be far more options in mtb and gravel in that price range…

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    *Looks up alu frame and full carbon fork factory costs and sees nicely profitable business now I’ve left Evans*

    Why not. I’m sure many of us would rather buy one of your offerings than a PX or Ribble.

    Might as well do some hardtail frames as well, they’re not getting any cheaper.

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    ^ Thanks for the potential support. But the longer I worked in the bike industry the more I realised why I’d not get into anything like that : )

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